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Soccer LESAA Boys & Girls Division 3 and 4
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Woodbine Park – Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Convener: Darrell Scott – 613-214-9582 (voice or text)

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Athletic Director - Pat Brown - Acadie - 613-389-0091
 Coordinator  -
 Darrell Scott - 613-214-9582 (voice or text)

General information:

bullet Soccer dates:
bullet Divisions
bulletSchedules:- available Sept 15,2017
bullet Division 1 - boys and girls
bullet Division 2 - boys and girls
bullet Division 3 - boys and girls
bullet Coed Divisions
bullet Woodbine Park Site Map
bulletRegistration: - due on than Monday, Sept 11, 2017 - no teams accepted after this date.
bulletTo register, email Darrell Scott ( on first class with the following information.
bulletSchool Name.
bulletIndicate ONE of the following:
bulletEntering a boys and a girls team
bulletEntering a boys team only
bulletEntering a girls team only
bulletEntering a coed team
bulletCoaches name or contact person.


Sample Divisional Playoff Schedule

Please read the following information regarding special rules:

LESAA Soccer Tournament Rules

  1. Number of Players


    11 vs 11 (10 + goalie) 


    in coed games five girls & five boys on field

  2. Equipment


    Shin guards: mandatory for all players


    Soccer cleats: optional but recommended


    no other types of cleats (football, rugby etc.) or any metal spikes allowed

  3. Time of Games


    50 minute games (half time horn at 25 minutes, full time horn at 50 minutes)


    all games end immediately at sound of horn.


    if game is tied - shoot out with penalty kicks - 3 players from each team

  4.  Off-sides - refs to call obvious off-sides

  5.  Hand Balls


    will only be called under the following situations:


    if hands are outside the body


    if player gains an advantage due to hand ball


    deliberate hand contact with the ball


    The spirit of this rule is to allow play to continue on unintentional hand balls.

  6. Fouls


    all fouls will result in direct/indirect free kicks as per OSA rules


    penalty kicks will only be awarded for fouls affecting imminent scoring chances

  7. Substitutions


    can be made during any goal kick or after a goal is scored


    can be requested on any of your team’s throw-ins (both teams may change upon request)


    no changes in last 2 minutes of game

  8.  8) Unsportsmanlike conduct or rough play


    Note there are no yellow or red cards in this tournament


    minor offences: 1 warning, 2nd offence - game ejection


    major offences: automatic game ejection


    slide tackles are to be avoided. Players may slide for a loose ball but must avoid contact with opposing player.


    Coaches are responsible for the sportsmanlike conduct of their team, coaching staff and parents at all times throughout the tournament.

Spectators' Behavioral Guidelines

  1. Definition
    Anyone watching a particular athletic activity or event whether sitting or standing is considered a spectator. A spectator may be a parent, a relative, friend, teammate, opposing player, administrator or coach not directly involved in the game. Spectators are an important part of any athletic activity, however they are not essential. Spectators should never influence the outcome of an event and must never pose a distraction to players, other spectators, timers, score keepers or referees.

  2. Goal Statement
    Anyone in an audience watching a LESAA sanctioned event will be expected to adhere to the following Guidelines for Behavior.
  3. Actions
    Always model mature behavior consistent with that of LESAA's Guidelines for Behavior.
    bulletSupport the game!
    bulletStress the importance of participation.
    bulletAvoid spectator imposed pressures to win.
    bulletBe supportive of the athlete, team, coach, opponents and officials.
    bulletMaintain a supportive, constructive atmosphere conducive to personal development.
    bulletRefrain from negative communication with players, coaches or game officials.
    bulletRemain in the spectators section, and refrain from entering the playing area at any time.
  4. **Please note that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE for any abuse of officials

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