The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the
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 all  inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure
 of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.   Meet and tournament information, rules and
 regulations regarding the various events,  dates for events, news updates, district tournaments
 (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
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Annual General Meeting June 19, 2017
Track Meeting April 27,2017
LESAA Minutes - March 27, 2017

Executive Meeting Dec. 19,2016
Track and Field Meeting Apr. 26, 2016 Invista Centre
General Meeting June 22, 2015 - Invista Centre
Track and Field Meeting Apr. 22, 2015 Invista Centre
General Meeting June 18, 2014 - Invista Centre
Track and Field Meeting Apr. 29, 2014 Sinclair PS
Track and Field Meeting May 1, 2013 Invista Centre
Track and Field Meeting May 1, 2012 Invista Centre
Track and Field Meeting May 10, 2011 Sinclair PS

Track and Field Meeting April 28, 2010 Sinclair PS
Track Meeting May 7, 2009
Annual General Meeting Sept 2008
May 8, 2008, Track Meeting
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LESAA Annual General Meeting

Monday June 19, 2017 @ Calvin Park PS

Attendance: Megan Alexander, Mark McCrady, Pat Brown, Mike Bryant, Lisa Gillott, Darrell Scott, Steve Raby, Krista Nitschke, Shelley Desarmia, Tom Bush, Greg Morrison, Scott McFarlane, Pat Coderre, Anita Dannenberg, John Hall, Steve Down

 1.    Call to order: Steve Down introduced Executive members and introduced Darrell Scott as the new Coordinator for LESAA. Thanks to Erik Vreeken who spearheaded the Search Committee for John Hall’s replacement as John is retiring this year.

 2.    Introduced and thanked Andre Labrie for his support of LESAA.

 3.    Andre Labrie

-       Acknowledged John for his service

-       Thanked Executive for making elementary sports what is and helping it grow.

-       Appreciation extended to coaches at schools as well

 4. Reports

a)    Principal’s report Krista Nitschke

-       Changes that are being made to make things easier for everybody and fall in line with Board policy for accounting

-       Fees

-       School will pay twice a year

-       September sign up for first half of year (to basketball) Cross Country, Volleyball (JR. & SR.) Soccer, Basketball (Sr.)

-       Second half sign up in March Basketball (Jr.) Ultimate and Track

-       LESAA will send an invoice with amounts instead of cheques for each individual sport

-       Cross Country and Track will be done retroactively (based on the number you brought last year)

-       If a team is cancelled, there will be a refund, also a chance to add teams

-       Raising Entry Fees - all divisions will have a flat fee of $100 per team

-       Vote passes

-       Board will no longer be funding ribbons and medals, it will come from LESAA

-       Money Flow

-       Instead of having a treasurer, the second person to sign the cheques could be from the executive. 

-       Similar to a school council, two members of exec must sign each cheque

-       Schools need to send date and cheque numbers for cheques to be tracked if they have already paid it and received an e-mail asking for payment for Track & Field

-       High School students or adults getting honorariums for volunteering to ref or score etc. must have a sheet filled out if paying in cash.  (The person getting the cash, must sign that they received the money)

-       Trying to move to less dealing in cash. 

     b) Executives’ Reports

1.    Volleyball - Greg Morrison (representing Christine Kennedy Junior Volleyball)


-       Junior volleyball will be a tournament sanctioned by LESAA

        -       Public schools can support 4 team tournament

        -       Triple ball

        -       It ran around the same time as Senior Volleyball (issues of gym time and coaches for K-8 schools)

        -        Should talented grade 6 students be allowed to play Junior and Senior volleyball?

-       LESAA is encouraging that this should be a school decision (depending on populations)

-       The vision is to give as many kids an opportunity to play.  The goal is developmental.

-       Run Junior and Senior volleyball simultaneously

-       Tournaments teams of 4, 3 game round robin run by family of school/geographically?

-       Girls, Boys and Co-Ed is also a possibility

 -       SENIOR Volleyball- Greg Morrison

-       Competitive and Recreational

-       Motion passed

-       Competitive

-       5 serve maximum

-       Motion passed

-       Discussion of equal play and adopting OVA rules

-       Decision was made that LESAA strongly encourages coaches to get every player into every match. This will be encouraged as a blanket statement in all team sports.

-       It was agreed that LESAA will continue to allow a second toss when serving and allow volleying on service reception to maintain pace of play

-       Recreational

-       Triple Ball Rules

2.. SOCCER  Pat Brown

-       Dates - Week of September 25, 2017

-       Start with everybody is allowed one team.  If spots are available, B and C teams

-       Blanket statement - Everybody plays every game

        3. CROSS COUNTRY  Anita Dannenberg

-       Week of October 4

-       Could we try week of 11th?

-       Run 2 meets in one day

-       Championships the following week


        4. BASKETBALL Steve Down

-       Great feedback for rec and competitive

-       Adopting modified FIBA rules

-       8 seconds to cross half

-       On a foul shot rebound on release

-       Referees

-       Carded officials or experienced adults for tournaments

-       Larger gym sizes in an attempt to minimize injury

-       Minimize cross court games?

-       Do we need new sites?

-       Queens? Opens in 2019

-       Smaller tournaments - 4 East 4 West → winners play in championship night

-       Blanket Statement- Everybody plays every game%.


        -       88 teams

        -       Went well - lost Queen’s as a venue - MacArthur was good addition, new floor

        -       Game structure - kids playing as much as possible, but within a framework

        -       Timeouts to teach etc.

        -       It says that 12 teams must be on a team.  Not viable with some schools

        -       Possibly changing it to say “encourage”  Pulling players up from B or C to make A team.

5.       ULTIMATE FRISBEE- Tom Bush

-       22 schools and 29 teams participated this year

-       Coaches from 7 schools concerned about less practise time due to a conflict with touch football

-       Discussion about  bringing Touch Football into LESAA. Challenges are supply teacher costs, students missing school and scheduling. At this time, it was agreed that Tom would speak with Football organizers to look at appropriate scheduling.

6.       TRACK- Shelley Desarmia

-       Advance 3 from regional to district meet for high jump

-       Health and Safety concerns about High Jump was discussed with the possibility of athletes from different schools training together

-       3000M - discussion about having a qualifying time to try and eliminate lapping

-       Talked about bibs, numbering system to help timers


-           Do we need first responders at all events


- New executive members:

            -  Scott McFarlane - to join LESAA Executive as a VP rep

-  Steve Raby - to join LESAA Executive as a media rep

- Both of these nominees were approved.

            - Thank you to John for his work on LESAA and congratulations on his induction into the Kingston and Area Sports Hall of Fame.

            - Erik introduced the John Hall Award given to an elementary coach. The John Hall Coaching Award “ In recognition of excellence in coaching while promoting the ideals of fair play and teamwork”.

            - The inaugural award is given to Mark McCrady, teacher-coach at Loughborough PS for his long-standing service to elementary athletics.


7. Adjournment


Track and Field Meeting - April 27, 2017

Att: Cindy Harvey - Cataraqui Woods; Megan Alexander - Winston Churchill; Virginia Mayhew - Harrowsmith; Val Boyce - Collins Bay; Leah Dowdell - Lancaster; Keith Cahill - Joyceville; Jennifer Morrisey - Bath; Tiffany Robinson - Welborne; Martha Runte - Polson Park; Mike Bryant - Bayridge; Dianne Fox - Odessa; Bommie L'Abbe; Amber Gibson - Simcoe; Emilie Demmons - Vanier; Lisa Frappier - Rideau; Emily McIsaac - Newburgh; Shane Wray - Storrington/Glenburnie; Beena John - Sir John A; Shelly Desarmia - Sinclair; Darrell Scott - The Prince Charles

1.      Coaches Clinic for high jump and shot put.

    1. Thursday May 4at Invista Track
    2. Shot put start at 4:15 pm
    3. High jump right after
    4. Necessary for coaches of high jump and shot put to qualify every 3 years
    5. Please email John Hall to register for these workshops.

2.      Venue

    1. CaraCo Track, Invista Centre
    2. Diagram of the track, pits and parking areas will be available on the web site.
    3. Please see that this goes home with all parental permission forms.

3.      Fees

    1. $5 per athlete  
    2. No entry fees for district 
    3. Please bring cheques to meet – or mail to board office co Karen Marr – PRIOR TO THE MEET

4.      Field Events

    1. 4 pits in use for long jump and triple jump – run in rounds  
    2. 4 pits in use for long jump and triple jump – run in rounds
    3. 1 high Jump Pit

                                                              i.      regional meets will be run in rounds  

                                                            ii.      district meet will not be run in rounds

                                                          iii.      please be sure your competitors can comfortably clear the start height

5.      Dates:Track & Field

    1. registration due Thursday, May 25,2017

Region 1: Fri.. June 2, 2017

Region 2: Mon. June 5, 2017

Region 3:Tues., June 6, 2017

Region 4: Wed., May 31, 2017

Region 5: Thurs., June 1, 2017

Regional Rain Date:  Wed., June 7, 2017

District  Track & Field Championships:  Thurs., June 8, 2017

District Rain Date:  Fri., June 9, 2017

6.      Regional Meets

    1. Suggested Time constraints for 3000m & 1500 m (suggested that competitors should be able to match minimum times) – NO WALKERS PLEASE

Qualifying Time






Open 3000m  


13 min. 














Qualifying Time






Open 3000m  


15 min. 














    1. All meets start at 8:30 for the 3000m and 9 am for all other events.
  1. Finish Line:
    1. Timing:

                                                              i.      Schools no longer need to supply timers  we are going  with 2 timers plus camera?       

                                                            ii.      Helpers are needed for non-lane races – 3000m, 1500m and 800m s – please indicate which schools will provide students/parents/coaches to help with these events. ?

·          Number of athletes per region to advance to District Meet

                                                          iii.      Non relay events – top 5 from each region will advance to district meet except for region 4 which will advance 4.

                                                          iv.      Relay events :Top 3 relay teams from each region to the district meet

                                                            v.      High jump – 4 competitors from each division

                                                          vi.      Registration:

  1. Registration format – Microsoft Excel
    1. Deadline for entries Tues., May 23, 2017

b.      Past problems :

                                                              i.      First – last names – please make sure they are in the correct column – otherwise file will be returned to you for correction

                                                            ii.      Use of capitals – first letter of first and last name only in capitals

                                                          iii.      Blocked cells – except for first and last names the cell on the sheet are blocked. If anything is put in these cells the track program will not take the entries.

                                                          iv.      Misspelled names – if names are spelled differently in two different events  the program considers the individual as 2

                                                            v.      If you have changes do not repeat the registration process – just email the names via board mail to John Hall

                                                          vi.      Changes will be accepted via email up to 2 days before the meet, after that give them to Clerk of the Course or to the person running the field event as soon as you arrive.  Do not wait until the event starts.

                                                        vii.      You do not need to register your athletes for the district meet. This is done automatically.- please let John Hall know if a student(s) qualifies for the district meet  but cannot make the district meet – where possible, we will notify the next qualifier.

·          If you have problems with registration please call John Hall immediately

·          Cell (613)531-1506 (call or text)

9.      High Jump starting heights

a.         Training information is available on the web site for shot put and high jump


c.       MB 130cm then 140 and 5 or 2 cm increase per round at discretion of official

d.      MG 125cm then 130 and 5 or 2 cm increase per round at discretion of official

e.       BB & BG 105cm then 5 cm to 130

f.        AB & AG 95cm then 5 cm to 125

10.  Other items:

a.       We are asking all competitors, coaches, and parents to stay off the infield (as we have our sound equipment set up here) and off the track especially the area around the finish line.- please include this in the permission form

b.      Age Categories – bantams born in 2005-2006

c.       Canteen


11.  Inclement Weather:

a.       Inclement weather – only 1 rain date – meets go rain or shine unless severe weather is predicted

b.      Responsibility for notifying parents – should be included in the permission form – information will be posted on the web site (include the address on the permission form – not sure call John Hall 613-531-1506


13.  Other items



LESAA Minutes - March 27, 2017

ATT: Steve Down, Greg Morrison, Pat Brown, ErikVreeken, Tom Bush, Krista Nitschke, Christine Kennedy, John Hall, Darryl Scott, Shelley Desarmia, Anita Dannenberg 


  1. Sports Updates:

  2. X-Country

    would like to purchase new material - megaphones, tables, and a computer system, walkie talkies


    Darryl shared some research that he has done about timing systems

    we need to check what KASSAA is using, Tom suggested contacting Brian Lambert - as he also had a system that he used


    suggested that a partnership between the Separate Board, or KASSAA be explored to cost share

  3. Soccer:

    nothing new


     Pat Brown will return to the convener role

    suggested that we continue to maintain our relationship with the Clippers, and Queen’s as a venue for championship games 


     suggested that a decision on implementation of Junior Soccer be delayed

  4. Volleyball

    intending to go forward with a similar model as basketball (to be proposed and acted upon at AGM)


    Recreational Division will move to three ball - rules will need to be posted on webpage


    Competitive Division will implement a 5 serve limit (to be proposed and acted upon at AGM)

  5. Jr. Volleyball

    The inclusion of it as a sport was okayed by Andre -Implementation was discussed


    A limit of one team per gender per school, three ball will be used, discussed the avoidance of a championship game to ensure that development of skills and the experience remains a priority


    Discussed timing of seasons - suggested that Sr. Season is moved up, and the junior season be completed prior to the holiday break


    Tourney sites could be a public schools - a pool of 4

  6. Basketball

    The piloting of recreational and competitive divisions was a success and we will maintain the model           


    Issues from season-injuries

     - discussed that competitive divisions can no longer play cross court in a HS gym


     - game is too physical - need to find more suitable venues until Queen’s is completed- officiating


    - discussed the need to upgraded officiating especially at Div 1 so an certified official is coupled with a competent student official 


     -* discussed that the timing of seasons might need to be moved forward to avoid OFSAA commitments, and that the needs of tourneys be more clearly communicated with HS 


    - leadership students are fine for tables but not as officials


    - phones at score tables


    - zone defence - discussion about a person to person implementation


    - this would need further discussion

  7. Jr Bball

    presently being implemented - 83 teams


    due to Queen’s renovation -sites will be used throughout city

  8.  Ultimate                       

    tourney will once again be in the third week of June                       


    sport continues to slowly grow                       


    will also have a rec division, in addition to 3 competitive divisions

  9. Touch Football - Non -LESAA sport will be May 25

  10.  Track and Field           

    last week in April will be info meeting           


    divisions will stay as is, and will be reviewed after meets before AGM


    -the focus will be on the use of the finish line technology and no human timers will be used            


    Kingston T and F Club is willing to offer a twice a week clinic for athletes           


     suggested to reduce the number of HJ athletes due to high numbers at district                                   


     top 2 finishers plus athletes who pass a set standard.           


    a major concern is how to support Darryl in the future

  11.  Financial Discussion:

    Krista shared a new approach for registration


    using an approach similar to KASSAA, schools will pay ahead for sports at the start of the year (all sports will be listed and schools pay according to what they plan to participate in


    cross country and track could be paid according to benchmarks and windows of athletes participating ie. 81-90, 91-100


    initial principal feedback was positive - will be shared with all principals prior to AGM           


    discussed supply teacher coverage                       

    issue of how to pay for supply teachers if we move to incorporating more sports                       


    presently being discussed at a board level 



    LESAA bank account will need to be transferred and be folded under th umbrella of board fees 


    cheques will need to be requisitioned prior to events, cosigned by Krista and another executive member


    a treasurer will need to be selected (AGM)                       


    in the future 

    payment of officials

    requisition funds


    cheque provided


    switched to cash


    officials will initial a payment sheet upon receipt of funds                        


    Darryl will be receiving a purchasing card 

  12.  Website           

     all board chat groups will be updated to Office 365           


    LESAA website will be updated as well

  13. Action Items

    Proposed that an award be created to recognize the contributions of a single coach per year. Named in honour of John Hall                       


    Mark McCrady at Loughborough PS was nominated                       


    Approved by executive

  14. Proposed that LESAA Executive members have their attendance at John Hall’s Sports Builder Award dinner be paid for by LESAA funds                       

    Approved by Executive

  15. AGM ITEMS - Tuesday, June 20 at 4:15 at Invista Centre           

    Welcome Darryl / Thank John           


     Designation of a treasurer                       


    Establish a role outline

  16. Constitution update                       

    review language - change teacher to board staff                       


    sport convenors should review own sections                                   


    add Jr. Bball and Vball

LESAA Executive Meeting - December 19, 2016 Meeting

 Attending: Steve Down, Greg Morrison, Pat Brown, Erik Vreeken, Tom Bush, Krista Nitsche, Christine Kenndy, John Hall, Shelley Desmaria
Regrets: Anita Dannenburg


 Sports Updates:


Season went well - now issues


Communication about the possible tiering of teams was positive


Jr. Volleyball

Great reception by participating teams -many other schools are interested


The inclusion of it as a sport was okayed by Andre


Challenge will be to find gym time - as the sport grows this will be the issue 


Possible solution is to move intermediate vball up a week, and Jr vball is then run early January


An email will be sent out in Jan. to gauge interest from other schools for next year.



The pilot meeting was a success - most votes were favourable. There was some concern from the Div. 3 schools about being able to compete


A thought was shared that the structure may actually open up coaching for less experienced coaches as it will make it lower stress


Issue: How do we accomodate multiple “B” teams from schools - discussion led to the decision being they will only be accommodated based on the gym time available


Replacement Search for coordinators position

Actions from last meeting:

ETFO (Greg) - adamant that this job will not be tied to teaching positions; will not accept it being attached to a teaching portion, therefore it would only be accessible if a person takes a reduced teaching load, but ETFO will not support backing a teacher for this diminished entitlement; ETFO then questioned the salary justification in this time of cuts; Mike Lumb could not speat for the Occassional Teacher situation - that would need to be addressed by Ken Gee


Andre was flexible in staffing - a person could drop a day a week - tournament coverage would then need to done by hiring convenors ($40 per day is stipend)


Present Retirees (Krista)  - few obvious choices


Combo job with KASSAA (Frank Halligan) - not viable


We would like to have a person in place by February - John continues to be willing to mentor



Non-negotiable wishes

A multiple year commitment, computer savy- understands spread sheets, job priority, understands job description, references if it someone we are not familiar with


Order of Candidates- we want to bring three options to Andre


#1 Option - Pat Brown

Krista voiced that Pat needs to be aware of risks etc


#2 a retiree or soon to retire

Dale Coleman - a recent retiree from Bayridge SS PE

former KASSAA secretary


Steve Jamieson - Shelley to inquire about interest


Spiroula - John to inquire


Steve Arneil - Steve to inquire


Darrell Scott - soon to retire - has stated interest


#3 outside candidate


Bill Miklas - heavily involved in sport as an official and broadcaster, former sorts information person at Queen’s + good understanding of sport, wants to grow job, has the time available


Kyle Compeau- secondary supply teacher, IT background and coaches


Sheila Devlin - office manager for Gould Lake - excellent organizer, less background in sport


Paul Hewitt - supply teacher, heavily organized


General Discussion Points:

Supply Coverage 


Still done in a variety of ways - at the principal’s discretion


The issue is money  - as it is often paid through school funds and smaller schools struggle with this.


Ball hockey

Pat shared that Kingston Youth Ball Hockey has shown interest in hosting ball hockey in arenas once the ice is out


Concern is brining in an outside of Board Community group to host an event, and liability coverage 


Season length Issue:

Pat wondered if vball and bball seasons too long - are we investing too much time into two sports, and should the seasons be shortened, and additional sports such as handball added in; should LESSA create sports “windows”, and double up sports in these windows ie volleyball and badminton as more kids will be involved


Thoughts: it would lead to more work for convenors; would we then be adding to athlete absences - as Gr 7/8 athletes mis up to 10 days of school per year; should the focus be more towards younger athletes; is this too taxing for coaches when we already have limited people coaching; how do we keep things equal for younger students


Road Races and tournaments Issue:

Why are we allowing secondary schools to make money on unsanctioned road races and tournaments 


Limited booking hours for hosting tourneys at secondary schools - each HS gets 100 hours of free custodial time, CUPE is tightening up on uncovered custodial time


Coaches contact list and collection of fees - Karen Marr is trying to set up a coaches master list with John - limited success but Krista will try to get it done at the next principals meeting



Next Meeting: Jan. 17 7:00 pm Red House 


Track and Field Meeting Apr. 26, 2016 Invista Centre

  1. training opportunities with KASSAA coaches - Wes Garrod and Darcelle McCutcheon spoke to coaches regarding opportunities for studetns and or coaches with their school teams to train at the Invista Centre twice a week with high school coaches - see web site for more information.
  2. Fees this year were increased to $5 to help defray the costs of the district meet.
  3. 3000m and 1500m competitors - while it is understood that many schools do not have access to track facilities, it is suggested that coaches review the suggested times for these events to ensure that their competitors are competitive. No walkers please in these events as well as the 800m.
  4. All meets start with the 3000m at 8:30am with all other events starting at 9am.
  5. Registration:
    bulletis due Tuesday May 31, 2016
    bulletonce the registration form has been submitted do not resubmit the file if you have changes - just email the changes to John Hall.
    bulletchanges will be accepted up to 2 days prior to the meet - changes after that should be made at the track AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE. Make track changes
    first and then go to the official running the field events to make those changes.
    bulletno registration is necessary for the district meet - results from the regional meets are used and entered automatically. Results from the regional meets will be posted on the web site so coaches can confirm who has qualified.
  6. Coaches should be aware of starting heights for high jump - do NOT enter competitors who cannot consistently clear this starting height.
  7. A major change these year will be the use of grade 8 students to act as backup timers ofr the track photo equipment. Students will be at the finish line for the duration of the meet. We would prefer to have students that:
    bullet are not competitors
    bullet Be prepared to spend the day at the finish line –we do not want to stop the meet to train new timers.
    bullet no cell phones or other devices on the finish line
    bullet Drinks and lunch will be provided for them
    bullet Region 3 schools are responsible for providing students to act as backup timers for both region 3 and the district meet this year.
    bullet See schools responsibilities to see which schools are responsible for providing students.
  1. Coaches are asked to monitor the use of food and drinks on the mondo surface (the red areas around the jumping pits. There is to be no food or drinks other than water on these surfaces.
  2. Inclement weather - cancelation of the meets will be posted on the web site. Please include the site address on the permission form. If you are not sure call or text John Hall at 613-531-1506 


General Meeting Minutes - Invista Centre - Mon. June 22, 2015 - 4:15 pm

1.              Attendance:
John Hall – LESAA                         Steve Down – LESAA Chairman – Calvin Park
Pat Brown – Vanier                        Pat Coderre - LESAA
Shelley Desarmia – Sinclair        Erik Vreeken - Lancaster
Mark McCrady – Loughborough  Anne Powers – Cataraqui Woods
Beena John – Sir John A              Shane Wray – Storrington/Glenburnie
Scott Minielly – Tamworth             Sean Dunleavy - Southview
Christie Woogh- Amherstview/Rideau Public

2.              Welcome – Steve Down

3.              A note from Andre Labrie was read thanking all coaches and volunteers for their hard work and dedication

4.              Steve congratulated John on his nomination to the Kingston Sports Hall of Fame.

5.              Regrets from Anita Dannenberg, Greg Morrison.

6.              Introduction of LESAA Executive

7.              Financial Report – John Hall

a.        Surplus of $2424 this year

b.        Present Balance in account of $18 171 with some minor bills to pay

c.        Still missing a number of payments from track and field entries

d.        New expenditures:

                                                               i.      Rented a storage locker to move things out of John's garage

                                                             ii.      Purchased a 3 kg shot per school for girls

                                                          iii.      Proposals:

1.        John made proposal that schools be invoiced prior to tournaments to ensure payment. Must pay to play.

2.        For 2015-2016 schools must register and submit fees by a specified date which will be published on the web site. Discussion about cross country and track fees - schools pay according to the number of entries from the year before. Track and Cross Country will remain the same.

3.       To purchase a tent that can be used at meets and races instead of renting.

8.              Track and Field – Shelley Desarmia

a.        8:30 start for 3000 was positive

b.        Elimination of calls for missing athletes other than Atoms also was positive

c.        Qualifying times were used by only a few schools -  voted to be no longer used due to lack of consistency.

d.        Use of photo finishing and that it was a challenge initially, however it allowed for review of races.

e.        Keeping extra parents and coaches out of the area is a priority for next year      continue to use the camera and octopus at the finish line.

f.         Proposals:

                                                               i.      Instead of one coaches meeting prior to the regional meets, we have a regional coaches meeting for each region – there are topics that apply to one region and not to others – central meeting point could save driving time (ie meeting in north for divisions 4 – in Napanee for division 1, etc) – passed

                                                             ii.      Reorganizing division 5 – move a school so that all regions have 10 schools – region 4 has 9. (To be further investigated by a subcommittee)

                                                           iii.       remove qualifying times from the website and replace them with: " a runner must be able to complete the distance without walking, to qualify to attend their regional meet."

                                                          iv.       Entries fees to be paid at the District meet at the latest.


9.              Soccer - Athletic Director for Soccer – Pat Brown

a.        Highly successful first season, great interest from schools and the venue worked well. Some discussion about the organization of coed teams and having younger players play up.

b.        Proposed Dates for 2015 – Mon Sept 21 – Thurs Sept 24, 2015  - short turn around at the start of the year was notes.

c.       Proposal:

                                                              i.       To institute Junior Soccer for the fall of 2015 as a way of increasing the number of opportunities available for Grade 4-6 athletes - decided that it was a great idea, and that we move forward to share the idea with principals and Andre, However due to the short timeline, that it not be instituted this coming fall. Passed.

10.         Cross Country Update – Anita Dannenberg

a.        Billing still a problem - no solution at this time.

b.        Venues are an issue, as the Westbrooke Sportsplex is in receivership, and the venue in Harrowsmith is not appropriate. In order to simplify things and to offer an even playing field, it is proposed out that all areas use the same venue. 

c.       A group will explore the viability of Fort Henry, LeMoines Point, Little Cat Conservation Area, a new site in Harrowsmith  and. the Westbrooke Sportsplex. Mark McCrady also offered Loughborough as a site. Anita and a subcommittee will look into venues for the fall.

11.         Volleyball Update – Pat Brown shared Greg Morrison's notes

a.        Seeding Divisions 1, 2 & 3 for volleyball – tried last year - will continue this year

b.        Proposals: 

                                                               i.       Suggestion to eliminate a division and have 8 teams in Div 1, 12 teams in Div 2, 3 and 4 and have an evening Championship game in all 4 divisions. This would require a venue with three gyms; however it would mean that high schools would only need to host a single day. Greg, Pat B and John will meet to discuss the feasibility of doing this

                                                             ii.      That the championship nights are set up where three games are held at one venue (ie. all three girls games at the same site with an earlier start time) 

                                                          iii.      Format for the City Championships  - this year's event was viewed as an exciting single night event with 5 LDSB teams, and 3 ACLSB teams in a single elimination tournament. It is proposed that the split become 4 and 4, and that the event is continued. Further discussion with the separate board will be required to determine which teams will represent LDSB & ACSDB.

12.         Basketball Update – Steve Down

a.        For basketball and volleyball, no divisions will be published before the seedings have been determined. Divisions will be based on seeding, not school size. Coaches will be asked to provide seeding information about their team eg. # of club players and results of exhibition/league games.

b.         The league set up by Daniel Lord that many teams played in was a positive experience. Seeding continues to be an issue, especially for teams from bigger schools that are just developing a culture of basketball. A number of teams did not show up for their district tournament.

c.        Discussion about capping scores on the scoreboard.

d.       That prepaying for tournament involvement will ensure that teams are committed. 

13.         Ultimate Update – Tom Bush

a.        Discussion about why the date was moved forward from June back to May after it was decided and voted on to move it to June last year.

b.        Proposal:

                                                              i.      To return the date to June after track and field is complete as fields will be more available and it will provide a final intermediate sport. Passed. 


14.         Junior Basketball – Erik Vreeken

a.        The tournament was viewed as a successful first event. The festival format with equal playing time went well.

b.        Seeding for the most part was positive, however there were still some blowouts. 

c.        Concerns about the tightness of officiating were discussed - perhaps have other schools involved, more adult officials, Queen's players.  

d.        Parking at Queen's is an issue, however the venue was positive from a supervision perspective.

e.        Some discussion concerning Grade 6's that also play on intermediate teams.

f.         Proposal:

                                                               i.      that Junior basketball is based on age rather than grade. This will avoid having Grade 7 aged students playing against Juniors.



Track and Field Meeting Apr. 22, 2015 Invista Centre

  1. Deadline for regional meet registration - Monday, May 25,2015
  2. Spring Training Program offered by KASSAA coaches - Darcelle McClutcheon & Wes Garrod
    bulletelementary school competitors and coaches were invited to participate
    in a training session with KASSAA coaches at the Invista centre, Last year 85
    students and coaches participated. For detail click here.
  3. Coaches' high jump and shot put clinics offered to all coaches.
    bulletThursday, May 7, 2015
    bulletCaraco Track,  Invista Centre
    bullet4 pm start
    bulletShot Put will run at 4pm - high jump right after
    bulletNote that it is necessary for all high jump and shot put coaches to attend a clinic every 3 years.
    bulletEmail John Hall if you plan to attend.
  4. Diagram of Caraco Track at Invista centre is available here.
  5. Washroom facilities will be available on site - coaches are asked to keep students in the
    track area and not in the Invista Centre.
  6. No spikes are allowed in any events - officials will be checking and competitors will be
    asked to remove shoes with spikes.
  7. All Field events will be run in rounds (ie - all events (LJ, TJ SP will finish before the
    next group starts) with the exception of the high jump.
  8. Meet dates.
  9. Number of athletes per event per school:
    bulleta sub-committee of coaches are to meet to look at expanding the number of
    competitors allowed per event per school and a report will be submitted
    at the Annual General Meeting in June.
    bulletit is suggested that competitors not enter the following races if they cannot meet the following times:

    Boys                         Event                           Qualifying Time (Midget, Bantam, Atom)


                                    Open 3000m                             13 min.


                                              1500m                                  5:50, 6:30, 6:45


                                                  800m                                  2:55, 3:05, 3:15


     Girls                          Event                           Qualifying Time (Midget, Bantam, Atom)


                                     Open 3000m                             15 min.


                                                1500m                                  6:30, 6:50, 7:30


                                             800m                                   3:10, 3:20, 3:30

  10. For schools sending finish line officials, it is important that the officials report to the
    finish line before 8:30 so that the meet can be started on time.
  11. Number of students to advance to the District Meet:
    bulletEach region is entitled to send:

    FIVE entrants in each INDIVIDUAL track AND field event EXCEPT for the region
    that has the first meet of the year - they will send
    four competitors


    Three relay teams PER AGE CLASS in the 4 x 100m relay


    Only ONE relay team from a school may advance in each age/sex region

  12. Be sure to follow the registration procedure as outlined on the track and filed home page.
    bulletPlease check the following before sending in the registration:
    bulletmake sure First and Last names are in separate columns
    bulletcapitalize only first letter in competitors' names - eg. John Hall
    bulletage categories - bantam born in 2004-2005 - atoms after 2005 - Midget before 2004
    bulletdo not change data in blocked cells
    bulletplease be sure that a student's name is not misspelled - they will then be
    considered two competitors
    bulletsend changes via email to John Hall - do not redo the registration process
    bulletchanges will be accepted up to 2 days prior to your meet.
    bulletno registration required for the district meet
  13. Entry Fees
    bullet$4 per competitor
    bulletbring cheques to regional meet or send it to Karen Marr at board office prior to the meet.
    bulletNo entry fees for the district meet
  14. High Jump:
    bulletdo not enter jumpers in the high jump unless they can comfortably and consistently
    clear the starting  height
    bulletNEW - Starting height for midget boys has been changed to 135 cm - then by 5 cm to 140 cm
    and then increased by 5 cm or 2 cm at the discretion of the official.
  15. Other items:
    bulleta 3 kg shot will be used for girls again this year.
    bulletinclement weather - if meet is to be canceled for any reason - information will be posted on the web site
    - please include this information with the web address in your permission form
    bulletinfield is out of bounds to competitors, coaches and spectators - please include this information in your permission form
    bullettrack area is out of bounds for everyone except those competing in the race - eg the only time
    students should cross the finish line when they are competing in a race.
    bulletfood and drinks (with the exception of water) are not allowed on any mondo track surfaces
     - this includes  the high, long and triple jump areas. Food should be kept in the stands or
    gravel/grassy areas of the stadium
    - please include this information in your permission form
    bulletplease help keep the area clean by picking up garbage before you leave and by using the
    disposal barrels around the track
    - please include this information in your permission form
    bulletstudents, for safety reasons, are not to leave the CaraCo Track area or go to the Invista
    Centre Arena without teacher supervision
    bulletcanteen will be available again this year.
    bulletI f you have any question do not hesitate to call or text John Hall at (613)531-1506
    or via email on first class.


General Meeting Minutes June 18, 2014

Steve Down Calvin Park                         Pat Brown Vanier
Greg Morrison Sir John A                       Shelley Mulrooney Lancaster
Shelley Desarmia Sinclair                      John Hall LESAA coordinator
Mike Bryant Bayridge                             Eric Jacques Acadie
Avonleas Martin Vanier                          Jeff Lloyd Perth Road
Dianne Pennell Lord Strathcona            Krista Nitschke Centennial
Megan Alexander Winston                     Vicki Macdonald RideauI
Danielle Touchette Collins Bay              Val Boyce Collins Bay
Anne Powers Cataraqui Woods              Erin Mills Amherst Island/The Prince Charles
Beena John Sir John A                          Christie Woogh Amherstview/Collins Bay 
Jay Melbourne Sir John A                      Jill Norman Joyceville
Mark McCrady Loughborough                Janet Revell Prince Charles
Ed Ianni Harrowsmith

  1. Andre Labrie brought greetings from the board.
  2. Steve Down introduced the LESAA executive:
    bullet Andre Labrie - Board Superintendent - Board Representative
    bulletLuigia Cimellaro - Principal Vanier/Acadie - Principals' Representative
    bulletSteve Down - Calvin Park - LESAA Chairman/Basketball Director
    bulletPat Brown - Vanier - Soccer Director
    bulletAnita Dannenburg - Henderson - Cross Country Director
    bulletGreg Morrison - Sir John A - Volleyball Director
    bulletShelley Mulrooney - Junior Basketball Director
    bulletTom Bush - Elginburg - Ultimate Director
    bullet Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair - Track & Field Director
  3. Presentation by John Dunbar
    bullet Litzen Sports in Hamilton have sign an agreement with OCEM to provide set prices for Ontario school
    board that sign up.
    bulletSports equipment purchase through T Litzen Sport in Hamilton can receive a discount under this
    agreement which has been signed by the board
    bulletA list of prices was handed out. Click here to see the pricing list.
    bulletFor more information or to order contact John Dunbar - (613)328-2009
  4. Reports:
    1. John Hall - Financial
      bullet LESAA bank account was balanced as of June 18. Register ending balance was $16089.95.
      bullet Cash Flow - Income $38015.95   Expenses - $33616.51  Credit of $4399.44.
      bullet All sports showed a small credit with cross country contributed almost all the credit.
      bullet There are a few track bill to be paid and some schools have not submitted track fees.
      bullet A motion to invoice schools for all the competitors they register (no refunds) was voted on and accepted.
      Schools will be billed as soon as they register and cheques will be sent in in advance of the event.
      bullet No cash entry fees will be accepted at any sports event.
    2. Pat Brown - Soccer
      bulletSoccer will return as LESAA sponsored sport in the fall.
      bulletDates for soccer
      bulletThere will be a registration date set in the first week on Sept.
      bulletPat Brown and John Hall will meet to work out detail regarding format.
      bulletInformation will be forwarded to the schools as soon as possible.
    3. John Hall for Anita Dannenburg - Cross Country
      bulletThere will be two new venues explored for next year.
      bulletRegion 3 is looking at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park. Anita and John will explore this venue.
      bulletRegion 1 is looking at he Westbrooke Dome and will give this venue a one year trail run.
      bulletA suggestion that region 2 be run at the dome also and the final at Fort Henry was not voted on. To be discussed and
      looked into for fall 2015.
      bulletNew entries will not be accepted at the cross country meets. Coaches must register all competitors on the registration
    4. Greg Morrison - Volleyball
      bulleta motion put forth by Greg Morrison to have a coaches seeding meeting 2 weeks prior to the start of volleyball
      tournament in order to establish seeding for all division was voted on and accepted on a trial basis. Teams will
      be invoiced according to their intermediate school population but will be seeded into division by coaches at the
      seeding meeting.
      bulletA motion to expand the city championships to include more teams will be explored by Greg Morrison and Pat Brown
      who will report to the executive committee.
    5. Steve Down - Basketball
      bulletUse of the 3 point line for the division 1, 2 & 3 finals was turned down.
      bulletEquality playing time was discussed but was turned down. Difficulty in enforcing this in a fair manner when teams
      carry a different number of player was sited a one problem.
      bulletthe phrase "In the interest of developing young players man to man defense is encouraged and zone defense is strongly
      was discussed and a proposal to delete it was passed.
    6. Shelley Mulrooney - Junior Basketball
      bulletJunior basketball is coming in on a trail basis next year.
      bulleta motion for LESAA to purchase and deliver a size 5 basketball for each K-6 school was adopted.
      bullet To promote an interest and love for the game
      bullet Develop skills in a healthy competitive environment or recreational environment dependent on skill level
      of athletes
      bullet District championship
      bullet Single day tourney
      bullet Must declare interest by April 10 and state whether a team would like to be in a competitive of recreational
      tournament (if choosing competitive indicate strong or developing).
      bullet Schools can have more than one team in a division if need be.
      bullet Time of tourney first week of May  - this is pending high school availability as most high schools that  I spoke to don't want to host something else - also Road Races are at this time.
      bulletit was suggested that we stick with the final week of April for Junior Basketball as it does run into other
      things .... and May is a busy month. It will depend on high school access.
      bullet Tourney is 4 games, no championship - this allows games to be competitive but that all kids get to play
      bulletSpecial Rules:
      bullet Allowed to jump across line on free throw
      bullet Equal play time
      bullet Shifts switch every 4 minutes
      bullet 20 minute halves running time (allowing coaches to give quick feed back)
      bullet Last shift open shift (play whoever you like) - stop time last 2 minutes
      bullet Can deny free throws for possession except on a shooting foul where the basket counts and the shooter receives
      a free throw. You receive the ball under the basket on the attacking end.

      In the interest of developing skills for young players, man to man defense is required. No zone defense or zone presses are allowed at the junior level.

    7. John Hall for Tom Bush - Ultimate Frisbee
      bullet14th annual LESAA ultimate championships were concluded successfully with 27 teams participating and over
      450 students
      bulletUltimate Frisbee will be on the first day after the Victoria Day weekend. A motion to have the event take place after
      track was accepted but the time is not suitable this year as the separate school board has first choice on track dates
      and our meets will might not end until June 15th.
      bulletInformation about ultimate is shared by teachers/coaches on first class folder called "Elementary Ultimate". Coaches
      use this folder to ask question, share information and arrange exhibition games.
      bulletThe LESAA web site will update shortly with the 2014 tournament results.
      bulletIf a school/coach/teacher would like a free instructional DVD contact Tom Bush.
    8. Shelley Desarmia - Track & Field
      bulletthe motion to restructure divisions was voted on but not accepted. Division will remain the same for next year.
      bulletthe motion to allow bigger schools to send more competitors was discussed and voted on but not accepted.
      bulleta committee will be set up by Shelley to further look further into these proposals and report to the executive
      bulletthe motion to start the 3000m at 8:30 and all other events at 9 am was voted on and accepted. Schools are
      reminder that timers need to be available at 8:30.
      bulletthe girls shot put will be 3 kg next year. A motion for LESAA to buy and deliver a 3 kg shot for all schools
      was adopted.
      bulleta motion to reimburse up to $500 for the first responder team from QECVI for the cost of bandages and medical
      equipment was adopted,
    9. Other Business
      bulletA committee will be set up to investigate how supply teachers are dealt with in various schools and family of schools.


Track and Field Meeting Apr 29,2014 at Sinclair PS

  1. Attendance
    Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair                        John Hall – LESAA Coordinator            
    Pat Coderre – Coordinator
                              Dave Latchie - Amherstview
    Daniel Lord - Vanier                                    Kent Rich - Truedell
    Bruce Emmerton - Sydenham                     Julie Leeder - Amherstview
    Laura Lamproulis-Morton - Henderson        Mike Bryant - Bayridge
    Rob O'Grady - Frontenac                             Tiffany Robinson - Welborne
    Ed Ianni - Polson Park                                 Jamie Niedbala - Simcoe 
    Steve Down - Calvin Park                            Jo Mace - Amherst Island
    Beena John - Sir John A                              Maria McDougall - Lancaster 
    Virginia Mayhew - Harrowsmith                  Cindy Harvey - Perth Road 
    Anne Powers - Cataraqui Woods                 Bonnie L'Abbie - Central
    Dianne Pennell - Lord Strathcona               Diane Taggart - Lord Strathcona 
    Tom Richards - Maryville                             Sheri Campbell - Loughborough      
    Alison Doherty - Centreville                         Nancy Broege - Sir John A    
    Kristen Collins - Winston Churchill               Stephanie Aubertin - Bath
    Shane Wray - Storrington/Glenburnie          Janet Revell - Prince Charles
  2. New Business:
    bulletRestructuring Divisions - a motion was put forward by Krista Nitschke to restructure the 5 regional
    meets by taking into account the population of the schools much in the same way the basketball
    and volleyball divisions are set up. Under this proposal, the schools with grade 7 & 8 only would be
    ranks according to their population with the largest going on Region 1, the next in region 2, etc.
    Schools with K-8 students would be ranked next and placed in the in a similar way. The K-6 schools
    would be placed in region in a similar way. After some discussion it was agreed that this would be
    sent to LESAA executive and the put out to a vote at the next General Meeting.
    bulletChanges in the number of competitors a school could sent to the regional meets. Krista also put
    forward a motion to change the number of students a school could enter in each event by basing
    it on the school population. Schools with 400 or less would not change - they currently sent up to
    4 competitors per event. Schools with 450+ would get to sent another competitor (i.e. 5) for each
    event, school with 500 would send 2 extra competitors (i.e. 6), and so on with each 50 increase in
    student population.
    Some of the points brought up in this discussion:
       - the track meet must finish at 5 pm since the field is used for soccer. Some discussion followed on
    how this could be dealt with by a) eliminating the 3000m b) starting the 3000m earlier (8:30?) c) having
    a qualifying time for 3000m d) setting a minimum time for the 3000m during the meet - at that time the
    gun would sound and the race would be over whether all runners are finished or not. A proposal will
    made to the executive and will be presented to the coaches at the next Annual General Meeting.
    bulletA motion to reverse the order the track events were run (changing midget -> atom to atom-> midget)
    was voted down.
  3. Regional Meets:
    bullet Dates
    bulletFinish line officials - John Hall is trying to get a group to of volunteers to work the finish line. Schools
    have been assigned responsibility for officials (click here to see school responsibilities). John will
    contact these schools individually to update  the status prior to the meets.
    bulletregion 2, 3, 4, 5 will advance 5 competitors in each events to the district meet. Region 1 will advance 4.
    bullettop 3 relay teams from each meet will advance to the district.
    bullet Age categories
    bulletschool will be using a new registration format this year. John Hall is working on an on line
    registration process that will not require you download a file. You will fill the form in on line
    and when you are finished it will be sent automatically to him. He is still working on this
    and will post the instruction on the web site. Do not use the files from last year as they
    will not work this year.
    bulletCommon problems filling out registration:
    bulletmisspelled names
    bulletfilling first and last names in the correct columns
    bulletusing initials for first names
    bulletif you have changes after you have submitted your registration do not repeat the registration process.
    Email the changes to John Hall up to 2 days before your meet. After this if you still have track changes,
    be sure to see Pam Dawson as soon as you arrive at the meet (she can usually be found at the
    finish line) and then talk to Judges at the specific field event if you have field changes.
    bulletyou not not need to register your athletes for the district meet. That is done automatically.
  4. Entry fees:
    bullet$4 per competitor regardless of the number of events the athlete is competing in
    bulletNo entry fee for the district meet
  5. High Jump
    bulletDo not enter students that cannot comfortable clear the starting height.
    bullet Starting heights
  6. Coaches and parents should keep the infield and finish line area clear.
  7. Things to include in your permission form:
    bulletInfield is out of bounds to competitors, coaches and spectators.
    bulletTrack area is out of bound for everyone except those competing in the race - eg the only time students
    should cross the finish line when they are in a race.
    bulletFood and drinks (with the exception of water is not allow on any mondo track surfaces - this includes
     the high, long and triple jump areas. Food should be kept in the stands, gravel or grassy areas of
    the stadium.
    bulletPlease help keep the area clean by picking up garbage before you leave and by using the disposal barrels
    around the track.
    bulletStudents, for safety reasons, are not to leave the CaraCo Track area or go to the Invista Centre Arena without
    teacher supervision
    bulletWeb address - check incase of cancelation due to inclement weather -will be posted on the day of the meet
    by 7am:
  8. I f you have any question do not hesitate to call, text John Hall at (613)531-1506 or on first class.

Track and Field Meeting May 1,2013 Invista Centre

1.  Attendance:
John Hall – LESAA Coordinator                     Pat Coderre – Co-codinator   
Lisa Phippen - Truedell                                  Laurie Mosgrove - Elginburg
Beena John - Sir John A                                Stephanie Leeder - Sharbot Lake
Scott Flegal - Hinchinbrooke                          Maria McDougall - Lancaster
Kim Ferguson- Murphy- Harrowsmith             Don Roberts - Centennial
Randy Fox - Winston Churchill                       Steve Arniel - Collins Bay
Cindy Harvey - Perth Road                             Bruce Emmerton - Sydenham
Bonnie l'Abbe - Central                                   Kathryn Sawdon - Hinchinbrooke
Kathryn Bates - Simcoe                                   Pricia Evans - Cataraqui Woods
Michelle Sousa - Loughborough                      Kathy Marrorra - Holsgrove
Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair                             Mike Depew - Calvin Park
Martha Runte - Polson Park                             Michael Blackburn - Fairfield
Tiffany Robinson - Welborne                           Dianne Pennell - Lord Strathcona
Christine Desbiens - Vanier                             Steve Dobiech - The Prince Charles
Tara Beers - Marysville                                    Sproula Roberts - Joyceville
Cathy Carson - Frontenac                                Lisa Gillott - Tamworth
Mike Bryant - Bayridge                                    Shannon Boutilier - Southview
Stephanie Aubertin - Bath                               Kate Minielly - Centreville

  1. New Business:

    a, Deadline for registration is Tuesday May 28, 2013

      1. 3 relay teams from each region will advance to the district meet - adopted.
      2. Entry fee was increased from $3 to $4 per competitor regardless of the number of events the competitor is entered. Please bring a cheque made out to LESAA to your regional meet and give it to John Hall. Please note that there is no charge for the district meet.
      3. The medley relay (instituted last year) and 4x400m (used in previous years) have been eliminated - meets will now end after the 4x100m relays
  2. All meets will start at 9 am.
  3. Check the web site for:
    1. Diagram of the track and jumping pits
    2. Your region
    3. Dates
    4. Registration Procedure - deadline is Tuesday May 28, 2013
      1. Use full first and last names
      2. Be careful that a competitor's name is not spelt differently if entered in more than one event (e.g. - entered as Pat in one event and Patrick in another) - in this case the computer will treat them as two different entries.
      3.  if you have changes do not repeat the registration process - simply email the changes to John Hall on first class.
      4. John will accept changes up until 2 days before the meet - after that changes will have to be made at the meet - this must be done as soon as you arrive. Pam Dawson will take track changes. Changes for field events should be given to the person running the event. Do not wait until the event starts to make changes.
      5. You do not need to register for the district meet. Results will be taken automatically from the regional results.
      6. Please let John Hall know ASAP if you have an individual who has qualified for the district meet but will not be able to attend the meet. In this case we will try and notify the next qualifier.
  4. Please do not enter student in the high jump that cannot comfortably make the starting height.
  5. Do not enter students in distance race if they cannot complete the entire race without walking.
  6. Coaching Qualifications for high jump and shot put coaches:
    1. High Jump - please read the safety guideline and coaching qualifications at:
    2. Shot Put - Please read the safety guideline and coaching qualifications at:
    3. Workshops for high jump and shot have been set for Wednesday, May 1 at the CaraCo Track at the Invista Centre starting at 4:15 pm.
  7. Arrangements regarding the canteen have not been finalized yet - we forward information on this in the next week or so.
  8. Things to include in your permission form:
    1. Infield is out of bounds to competitors, coaches and spectators.
    2. Track area is out of bound for everyone except those competing in the race - eg the only time students should cross the finish line is when they are in a race.
    3. Food and drinks (with the exception of water is not allow on any mondo track surfaces - this includes the high, long and triple jump areas. Food should be kept in the stands, gravel or grassy areas of the stadium.
    4. Please help keep the area clean by picking up garbage before you leave and by using the disposal barrels around the track.
    5. Students, for safety reasons, are not to leave the CaraCo Track area or go to the Invista Centre Arena without teacher supervision
    6. Web address - check incase of inclement weather -
  9. In case of inclement weather:
    1. Please ensure you competitors come prepared - we will run in the rain - meets will only be cancelled or stop due to lightning.
    2. Check the web site on the morning of the meet - cancellations will be posted by 7 am on the morning of the meet. If you are not sure call John Hall - 613- 531-1506 or 613-389-6367

Track and Field Meeting May 1,2012 Invista Centre

  1. Attendance
    Kim Ferguson-Murphy - Harrowsmith        Janet Revell - Prince Charles
    Spiroula Roberts - Joyceville                        Julie Ryczko-Bacon - Lundy's Lane
    Steve Arniel - Collins Bay                             Carolina McDonald - Frontenac
    Dave McLatchie - Amherstview                     Mike Byers - First Ave
    Cassidy Rhamey- Winston                             Megan Alexander - Winston
    Marie Kimmerer - Henderson                        Dan Kimmerer - Bayridge
    Bonnie l'Abbe - Central                                 Lisa Frappier - Rideau
    Kristen Collins - Vanier                                 Tiffany Robinson - Welborne
    Cindy Harvey - Perth Road                            Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair
    Kent Rich - Truedel                                       Eric Jacques - Acadie
    Scott Pare - Storrington                                Amy Hart - Fairfield
    Steve Down - Calvin                                     Jamie Neidbala - Simcoe
    Miranda Hein - Lord Strathcona                   Dianne Pennell - Lord Strathcona
    Karl Kent - Hinchinbrooke                            Daniel Roberts - Centennial 
    Melissa Buchan - Centennial                          Marg Aldridge - Horton
    Laurie Leeman - Cataraqui                           Stephanie Ironside- Land O'Lakes
    Ed Ianni - Polson                                           Heidi Dee - Odessa
    Dianne Fox - Odessa                                     Kate Minielly - Centreville
    Erik Vreeken - Loughborough                       Christie Woogh - Tamworth
    Sara Taylor - Enterprise                                Steve Dobiech - TPC
    Maria McDougall - Lancaster                        Michelle Sidlauskas - Selby
    Tara Beers - Marysville                                 Tom Richards – Marysville

    Mike Bryant – Bayridge                                 Aaron West – Sharbot Lake
  2. Safety - Richard Holmes
    - track lacks shade - students come prepared
    - there is some room to put up tents - tents pegs CANNOT BE PUT INTO ASPHALT
    - City has sandbags which could be used to put up tents - let John Hall know well in advance if you need any sandbags.
    - no food in any area except the bleacher area
    - please have volunteers from your team clean up before you leave
    - we are asking coaches, students and spectators
    to keep off the soccer field and end zones - there is room to move around the ends of the track.
  3. Floyd Deyo presented a motion to replace the 4x400m relay with a medley relay. It was felt that it was difficult, especially for smaller schools, to find 4 middle distance runners willing to run a 400m race at the end of the meet. The medley relay will be an open mixed 300mx200mx200mx100m relay. The motion was passed unanimously.  There will be no 4x400m relay
  4. There are 2 high jump areas, 2 long jump pits and 2 triple jump pits. Field events will be run in rounds - all rounds will start at the same time - a new round will not start until all the events in the previous round have finished.
  5. There was discussion regarding washroom facilities. It was felt that the washroom at the track may not be sufficient to handle the large crowds. It was agreed to try it out for this year.
  6. It was agreed on a 9 am start for all meets. We have the facility booked until 5 pm.
    It was stressed that the meet cannot start without the volunteers for the finish line in place. Coaches are asked to see that these officials report to the finish line as soon as they arrive.
    Region 4 has the responsibility for providing the finish line officials for the district meet.
  7. Region 1,2,3 & 5 will advance the top 5 competitors in each event to the district meet. Region 4 will advance 4 competitors.
  8. Registration problems were discussed. Coaches were asked to go to the web site and follow the instruction carefully.
    Common problems
        - misspelled names
        - names put in incorrect columns
        - file not download to the school computer before completing the registration
        - for any problems contact John Hall immediately
    - 613-531-1506
  9. Entry fees $3 per competitor - bring a cheque to the meet and hand it in at the canteen.
  10. High Jump starting heights were changed last year.
    Coaches are asked
    A high jump and shot put workshop is being offered to coaches:
                Shot Put/High Jump Workshops – Wednesday, May 9, 2012
                 Invista Centre Track
                 4:00-4:45 pm
                High Jump Workshop
                Invista Centre Track
                May 9, 2012
                4:45-5:30 pm
      We will use the Cataraqui Woods Gym if there is inclement weather.
    A sign up sheet was available - let John Hall know if you have coaches from your school that would like to attend. Lara Paterson will hand out certificates to those in attendance.
  11. Diagram of the track is available on the web site.
  12. We will be running a canteen with the same menu as in previous years.
  13. Information for your school is available on the web site.

Track and Field Meeting May 10,2011 Sinclair PS

  1. Attendance:
    Kim Ferguson-Murphy   Harrowsmith        Dave McLatchie        Amherstview
    Susan Stoliker                 Tamworth             Martha Harvey           Horton
    Margaret Merkley         Central                Michelle Sidlauskas      Selby 
    Cindy Crowder                Holsgrove            Dianne Fox                    Odessa
    Shelley LeBrun                Frontneac            Nancy Grew                  Truedell
    Mike Bryant                    Bayridge              Maggie Irvine               Welborne
    Ed Ianni                            Polson                  Eric Jacques                  Acadie
    Jen Griffin                        Clarendan            Debbi Kirby                  Sharbot Lake
    Pricia Evans                      Cat Woods          Stephanie Ridout          Westdale PArk
    Marie Kimmerer              Henderson           Amy Hart                       Fairfield
    Dan Kimmerer                  Bayridge              Mark Powell                  Simcoe
    Shannon Booutilier           Langford               Stephanie Aubertin       Bath             
    Janet Mitchell                  Bath                       Seth Barling                  Calvin
    Dianne Pennell                  Strathcona            Kristen Collins              Vanier
    Shelley Desmaria              Sinclair                  Beena John                   Lundy's Lane
    Rob Babcock                     Lundy's Lane        Christy Wilson              Glenburnie
    Maria McDougall             Lancaster              Megan Alexander         Winston
    Laurie Mosgrove              Elginburg               Karl Kent                       Hinchinbrooke
    Heidi Dee                          Odessa                   Carol Baetz                    Sandhurst
    Kate Minielly                    Centreville              Melissa Buchan            Centennial
    Dan Roberts                      Centennial              Steve Dobiech                TPC
    Kathleen Harding              Enterprise               Janet Revell                  Prince Charles
    Erik Vreeken                      Loughborough        Tara Beers                    Marysville
    Steve Down                        Calvin
  2. Venue:- LaSalle SS
    bulletDiagram of LaSalle venue
    bulletLimited parking is available in the parking lots. Please park in the park lots only.
    bulletSchool building is OUT OF BOUNDS for all competitors, coaches and spectators. Also the playing fields may be in use for classes. Please stay off the field and do not set up tents, etc that will interfere with these classes.
    bulletThe buses pick up and deliver the students - they will be done by 8:20 in the morning and will pick up at 2:45 pm. Please make sure
    parents and coaches
    do not parking in these areas at any time.
    bulletthere will be potty toilets located behind the canteen - please use these - do not use the facilities in the school.
  3. Click here to find your region.
  4. Dates for the regional and district meets have not changed. Click here to see dates.
  5. Registration is die Tuesday, May 24, 2011.
  6. Entry fees are $3 per competitor.
  7. Registration will be done online. Please follow the instructions on the web site.
    bullet Boys        Girls
    bulletIf you have problems with the registration process please give me a call. Make sure you enter 2 students only per events.
  8. Start Time - 9 am for all events - track events will not start until all competitors arrive - field events will start on time late arrivals will be given turn when they arrive.
  9. There will be a sound system in the track area near the canteen - filed events are spread out around the school. Please be sure you keep your team together and listen carefully for announcements. Calls for track and field events will be made at the various jumping areas.
  10. Track events take precedent over field events. If a competitor is at a field event when their track event is call, they must tell the person running the event and return to the field event immediately after they have finished their track event. Please tell you competitors NOT TO LEAVE THEIR FIELD EVENT UNTIL THE TRACK AGE GROUP IS CALLED. For example, if midget boys and girls 100m is called, bantam and atom should NOT be at the marshalling area.
  11. Schools are limited to entering 2 students in each track/field event as well as one 4 x 100 relay team.
  12. A competitor may enter a maximum of 3 events excluding relays.
  13. There will be NO 4 x 400 relays this year.
  14. Ribbons will only be awarded for 1st through 6th for all FINAL events.
  15. There will be a gold silver and bronze medals presented to the top 3 boys and girls in each age category.
  16. Schools'  responsibility for the regional meet : (Region 3 will provide finish line officials for the district meet):
    bullet Region 1        Region 2        Region 3        Region 4        Region 5
  17. In case of inclement weather, check the web site or the athletic area on first class. If you are not sure call me.

Track and Field Meeting April 28,2010 Sinclair PS

  1. Attendance:
    bulletShelley Desarmia    Sinclair         Kim Ferguson-Murphy    Harrowsmith
    bulletNancy Brennan        Lancaster    Eva Little                            Amherst Island
    bulletMaggie Irvine            Welborne     Steve Raby                        Odessa
    bulletMatt Hallford             Elginburg     Rob Anderson                  Fairfield
    bulletMichelle Sidlauskas Selby            Rima Hamilton                  Winston
    bulletAnne Powers             Sydenham    Tom Richards                 Marysville
    bulletLiz Suriyuth                Odessa          Aline LaRochelle            Westdale
    bulletMike Bryant                Bayridge        Shelley LeBrun              Frontenac
    bulletKristen Collins            Vanier            Andrew McDonough    Simcoe
    bulletMelissa Michaud        Horton              Sheri Campbell            Loughborough
    bulletLaural Matthews        Henderson        Debbi Kirkby              Land O'Lakes
    bulletSarah Campbell        Lord Strathcona
    bulletKrista Nitchke            The Prince Charles
    bulletJanet Revell                Prince Charles
  2. Regional Meets:
    bulletAthletes may only enter 3 events excluding relays
    bulletAll schools are responsible for providing judges and timers for the finish line. Please refer to school responsibilities on the web
    site. Note that the track meet cannot start without timers and judges. Please be sure that your volunteers are able to stay until 
    the meet finishes - especially if you are using high school students.
    bulletRegion 2 is responsible for providing the timers and judges for the district meet.
  3. Dates have been published since last June. With 10 or 11 schools in each region, it is difficult to change divisions since adding another school makes the meet run too late.
  4. Deadline for school registration: Tuesday, May 25, 2010.
    Since I have 5 meets in a row, taking place the following week, it is essential that I have your school registration on time. Please go to the web site for instructions on registering your team.
  5. Entry fees are $3 per athlete.
  6. High jump starting heights are as follows;      
    bulletMB 130 then 140 and 5 or 2 cm increase per round
    bulletMG 125 then 130 and 5 or 2 cm increase per round
    bulletBB & BG 100 then 5 cm to 130
    bulletAB & AG 90 then 5 cm to 125
    bulletPlease ensure that any student entering the high jump can clear the starting height
  7. Parking at Queen's - a handout out was given regarding parking at Richardson Stadium. Please attach this to permission forms so that parents (and coaches) are familiar with the parking regulations.
  8. Other Items
    bulletAll information regarding track and field is available on the web site:
    Please report any errors to John Hall via first class.
    bulletStart Times are set by the schools in each region - see the school responsibilities for your region - available on the web site.
    bulletAge Categories:
    bulletMidgets - born 1997 or before
    bulletBantams   - born 1998 or 1999
    bulletAtom - born 2000 or after
  9. Records have been established for regional meets. They are available on the web site.
  10. Meets are very rarely canceled due to inclement weather. Meets are only canceled if the track is unusable or if there is lightning in the area. In this case, a notice will be posted on the web site and on the first class athletics page. Announcements will also be made on the radio. It is the schools responsibility to notify their parents.
  11. High Jump & Shot Put Clinic
    When:          May 10th, 2010      4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
    Where:        Bayridge Public School

    Two coaches from the Queen’s University Track and Field team have offered to run an afterschool workshop for all Elementary Track and Field Teacher Coaches that are responsible for coaching High Jump and Shot Put.

     The OPHEA Safety Guidelines state that anyone coaching Higher Risk Sports activities, including High Jump and Shot Put, should meet the following criteria.
    bulletCoaching expertise for the head coach derived from at least one of the following:
    bulletNCCP Competition Introduction – Part A or NCCP Level  One Technical in Track and Field-Jumps and Shot Put if the latter is supported by the sport governing body
    bulletAttendance at a high jump and shot put clinic or workshop within the last 3 years.
    bulletPast experience as an athlete or a coach in the sport within the last 10 years.”

    The OPHEA Safety Guidelines can be found under the Health and Physical Education site of the Elementary Curriculum

    Any Teacher Coach that wishes to register for this workshop is asked to please contact Lara Paterson.


Track and Field Meeting May 7,2009 Bayridge PS

  1. Attendance:
    Shelley Desmaria - Sinclair           Diane Fox - Odessa                    
    Heidi Dee - Odessa                          Marie Kimmerer - Henderson       
    Barry Harding - Land O'Lakes      Bryan Derbyshire - Westdale Park
    Lairie Frink - Cat Woods                Virginia Mayhew - Harrowsmith
    Beena John - Lundy's Lane          Diane Pennell - Lord Strathcona
    Krista Nitsche - TPC                        Shelley Mulhoney - Lancaster
    Liz McCann - Frontenac PS           Melissa Hulan - Langford
    Bonnie l'Abbe - Central                   Anita Dannenburg - Rideau
    Kathleen Harding - Enterprise       Erik Vreeken - Loughborough
    Kristen Collins - Vanier                    Megan Adam - Winston
    Maggie Irvine - Welborne

Track and Field Meeting May 7,2009 Bayridge PS

  1. Attendance:
    Shelley Desmaria - Sinclair           Diane Fox - Odessa                    
    Heidi Dee - Odessa                          Marie Kimmerer - Henderson       
    Barry Harding - Land O'Lakes      Bryan Derbyshire - Westdale Park
    Lairie Frink - Cat Woods                Virginia Mayhew - Harrowsmith
    Beena John - Lundy's Lane          Diane Pennell - Lord Strathcona
    Krista Nitsche - TPC                        Shelley Mulhoney - Lancaster
    Liz McCann - Frontenac PS           Melissa Hulan - Langford
    Bonnie l'Abbe - Central                   Anita Dannenburg - Rideau
    Kathleen Harding - Enterprise       Erik Vreeken - Loughborough
    Kristen Collins - Vanier                    Megan Adam - Winston
    Maggie Irvine - Welborne
  2. Regional Changes:
    1. We have gone to 5 regions this year with 10 or 11 teams in each region. There are approx. 530 competitors at each meet.
    2. Timing for meets will be later than last year - with 10 schools at each meet  entering 4 competitors per event, there will be 5 heats/timed finals (if there are 11 schools there will be 6 heats/timed finals) for 100/200/400/800/relays for each age group. This means that buses and transportation should be arranged for later than last year.
    3. The meet cannot be held up looking for competitors for an event. Announcements will be made once.
    4. First school to have the regional meets each year will be responsible for providing adults/high school students for the finish line at the district meet as well as at their regional meet. The meets rotate each year so that a region will only have this responsibility once every 5 years. This year Region 1 is responsible for the finish line volunteers at the district meet.
    5. Regional Records will be available at the meet. This will be a combination of the records for the old 6 region format.
  3. Dates for regional meets have not changed. The district meet has been moved back to the original date- Thurs. June 11, 2009.
  4. Deadline for entries is Monday, May 25, 2009. Since we are running all 5 meets consecutively, this date is firm.
  5. Entry fees have not changed - $3/competitor
  6. High Jump starting heights have changed for Midget boys and girls.
    1. Starting height for midget boys will be 1.3 m or 130 cm and then will be moved up to 1.4 or 140 cm. Subsequent changes will be made at the discretion of the official - usually 5 cm.
    2. Starting height for girls will be 1.25 m or 125 cm and will be moved up to 1.3 or 130 cm for the second round. Subsequent changes will be made at the discretion of the official.
    3. A student should not be entered in this event if they are not comfortable clearing the starting height.
    4. Resources for coaches are available on the web site:
  7. Parking Information for Track & Field Meets - please forward with your permission slip.


     Effective June 1, 2009 the gravel lots at Richardson Stadium are being converted to paid parking.  The north parking lot will be strictly for monthly permit parking while the south lot (near the tennis courts) will be for hourly and daily parkingThe cost for daily parking is $1.00 per hour up to a daily maximum of $4.00.

     A reminder - vehicles MUST be parked in a valid parking space.  Vehicles MUST NOT be parked along the roadways, on grass or outside the curbstonesVehicles parked in the lots without a pay and display permit or in no parking areas will be ticketed and/or towed.  The Parking Office will again barricade the roadways to the stadium to ensure vehicles are not parked at the back of the stadium – we have done this to ensure the safety of the children participating in the events.

     Please help ensure the safety of the children by obeying the signs posted along the roadways.

    For further information contact:
       Donna Stover
       Parking Manager
       Queen’s University
       Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street
       533-6000 ext 77589  or


  8. The new stadium is still in the works. The site now being considered is at the Invista Centre. Hopefully it will be completed for 2010 providing funding comes through. Richardson stadium will probably still be available next year. High schools have moved their meet to Belleville this year but the track is suitable for elementary school competitors.

  9. In case of inclement weather, an announcement will  be made on Fly- FM. It will also be posted on first class and the web site by 7 am. We will run meets in rainy weather unless there is a chance of lightning or if the track is unusable. Check the weather forecast and come prepared.


Annual General Meeting Sept 2008

  1. Attendance:
    Steven Down    - Calvin Park            Erik Vreeken - Loughborough            Tom Bush - Loughborough
    Anita Dannenburgh - Rideau           Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair                   John Hall - Board
    Michelle Leger - Welborne                Mary Ellen Card - Amherstview            Heather Ross - Winston Churchill
    Stephanie Auberton - Bath               Jim Boyce - Harrowsmith                      Andrew Highet - Truedell
    Nancy Mercer - Henderson               Matt Gallupe - Westdale Park                Ed Ianni - Polson Park
    Mike Bryant - Bayridge                      Dan Kimmerer - Bayridge                       Richelle Bowen - Rideau Heights
    Eva Little - Amherst Island                Maggie Irvine - Welborne                        Colin Nickel - TPC
    Mark Millan - Lundy's Lane               Rolf Lund - Selby                                      Carol Baetz - Sandhurst
    Scott Martin - Elginburgh                  Cory Keeler - Glenburnie                         Susan Raddon - Enterprise
    Patrick Brown - Acadie                      Lisa Ferguson - Collins Bay
    Richard Holmes - Board 
  2. Meeting Called to order at 4:30 pm
  3. Agenda for Meeting was adopted.
  4. Minutes from 2007 LESSA AGM  were adopted.
  5. Business arising from minutes: It was explained how athletic directors obtained their position and how they could be replaced.  The pertinent part of the constitution was read.
    1. Richard Holmes brought greetings from the board.

    2.  Principal’s Report - introduction of the new supervising principal for LESAA; Mark Milan, Lundy's Lane PS.

    3.  Anita Dannenburg: Cross-Country

      1. All regions are now registering on –line including Region 3. 

      2. The due date for registrations is Mon. Sept. 29. 

      3. The meet dates are Oct 6, 7, 8.The venue for Region 1 could change if anyone has any ideas of a better venue but must be done soon for next year.  Dan Kimmerer spoke about the background on the South Fred site.

      4. Region 1 is looking for a new convenor.  Please contact Ava Little  on Amherst Island if interested or Anita Dannenburg.

      5. Name labels will already be done for the runners when they get there and they will receive their ribbons as they go through the chute

    4. Steve Down: Volleyball

      1. Proposal 1 carried by a unanimous vote; that the knock out draw form used in the Division 1 tournament last year be extended to the other divisions next year. (note that 8 teams are required for knockout draw; if the tournament has fewer teams, the existing format will continue to be use

      2. This format is more equitable and eliminates the confusing tie breaking rules

      3. Teams will only be allowed to move if there is room to move down and they can find someone to trade with them. 

      4. If a team moves down, they are not eligible for the finals. 

      5. Any students interested in joining Pegasus volleyball should check the website for information.

    5. Erik Vreeken: Basketball

      1. The proposal that the use of the three point line in championship games be eliminated permanently from LESAA competitions, was carried unanimously.

      2. Teams will only be allowed to move down if there is room and they can find someone to trade with them.  If a team moves down, they are not eligible for the finals.

      3. Teams will be sorted from the bottom up by the school’s intermediate population.  Teams will be seeded in divisions of eight.  This worked much better last year.  There will be a minimum of six competitive teams in each division.

      4. In the interest of developing young players man to man defense is encouraged and zone defense is strongly discouraged.

      5. Any students interested in joining Kingston Impact Basketball is encouraged to check their website

    6. Tom Bush: Ultimate Frisbee

      1. Ultimate will be held in the Spring on the first Tuesday after

      2. Victoria Day; May 19th this year is the championship

      3. Teams are co-ed and consist of 15 players  with 4 boys and 3 girls or 4 girls and 3 boys on the field at a time and any age can play.

      4.  Coaches interested in learning the game are encouraged to attend the Coaching the Coaches Clinic on Sept 27

    7. Shelley Desarmia: Track and Field

      1. The proposal that the track and field regions be reduced from six regions to five regions was carried.  This insures that each region is more equitable in numbers and will ease the pressure to get dates from Queen’s for our meets.  Please see the LESAA website for the new regions and dates for this year’s meets
      2.  The proposal that the region who has their meet first each year will send four athletes to the county meet and all other divisions will send five athletes to accommodate the right number of athletes in the races, was carried unanimously
      3. The proposal that the starting height for the midget high jump was amended to 1.3 m. for the boys who will then go up by 10 cm to 1.4 m. then up by 5 or 2 cm at the discretion of the meet official.  The midget girl’s will start at 1.25 m. and then go up by 5 cm. then 2 cm. at the discretion of the meet official.  This motion was passed unanimously
      4. Schools who wish to switch divisions must find a replacement school who sends around the same number of athletes to the meets.  This must be done by the schools themselves and then the athletic director must be notified of the change.  The deadline for all exchanges will be posted on the LESAA website
      5. Schools changing regions was discussed at length and it was decided that schools will not be allowed to change regions unless another school of approximately the same size track team is willing to change. This will need to be approved by the executive - contact Shelley Desmaria at Sincliar for information.
    8. John Hall: Coordinator’s Report

      1.  Financial Report - Bank balance as of August 1, 2008 was $12 628.30. Income from all sources for the year were $42 557.23 and expenditures totaled $38 693.09 leaving a surplus of $3664.14.

      2. We are at present buying equipment (rope, pylons, walkie talkies, etc.) for cross country regions.

      3. John Hall will investigate the cost and feasibility of acquiring the Queen's mats, restoring them and finding a place to store them.

      4. Equipment will be needed in the future if we have to change venue for track and field.

  7. Information Items:
    1.  The new track is still in the discussion stages.  It is now proposed to go on the LaSalle Secondary School site with support from both school boards and a Heritage Fund.  It is now going to the city for their financial input and will need all school athletic contacts support at a future meeting.
    2. There will be a Coaching the Coaches Clinic on Sept. 27th organized by Frank Halligan.  It will be directed as an introduction to a variety of sports and the board is paying for any teachers who would be interested in going.  It is strongly recommended that teachers coaching high jump and shot put attend either the sessions now or the one in the spring.  Contact Lara Patterson at the board office to register.
  8. New Business
    1. A proposal that a committee be setup to investigate the possibility of returning soccer as a LESAA sport was passed.  Patrick Brown  Acadie, Dan Kimmerer  , Scott Martin  Elginburg, Shelley Desarmia  Sinclair, John Hall LESAA Coordinator, will sit on this committee.
    2. Frontenac high school is offering a mini football clinic or touch football invitational meet on a weekend in the spring.  Keep a look out for more information in the spring
  9. Adjournment - the meeting was adjoined at 5:50 pm


Track and Field Meeting May 8,2008 Calvin Park


Sara Jordan - Sydenham                                     Rita Fabbro -  Fairfield
Catherine Byers - Frontenac                              Cindy Harvey - Elginburg
Aline LaRochelle - Westdale Park                     Steven Down - Calvin Park 
Kent Rich - Truedell                                              Liz Latourell - Bath
Kim Foley - Perth Road                                        Shelley Desarmia - Sinclair
Lisa McFarlane - Lundy's Lane                          Mark Ryan - Calvin Park
Christy Wilson - Harrowsmith                            Tracey Creighton - Acadie
Bob Petrick - Centennial                                     Krista Nitschke - Lord Strathcona
Hilary Tomlin - Land O'Lakes                             Heather Ross - Winston Churchill
Marilyn Benn-Hare - Odessa                               Marie Kimmerer - Henderson
Pat Coderre - coordinator                                   John Hall - board

  1.      Date changes - district meet has been changed to Thursday, June 19 with a rain date Friday, June 20. Queen's has shut the stadium down for a week to accommodate an international rugby match.
  2. Divisional Changes:
    1. The Prince Charles will compete in division 2 this year due to a scheduling conflict.
    2. Calvin Park has requested that they be allowed to enter 8 competitors in each event. It was decided that this would be left up to the schools in the division. They decided to allow 8 competitors per event.
  3. Dates for 2009
     It was decided to try and arrange all meets in June next year to try and avoid the long gap between divisional meets that we experienced this year.
  4. Deadline for entries;
    Divisions 2,3 & 4 - May 16,2008
    Divisions 1.5.& 6 -May 30,2008
    These deadlines are firm as meets start the following week for divisions 2,3 & 4 and the Monday is a holiday for divisions 1,2 & 6
  5. Entry fees - Please bring a cheque payable to LESAA to the divisional meet. There is no entry fee for those students advancing to the district meet.
  6. High Jump and Shot put - discussion regarding guidelines. Coaches of these events should be familiar  with the guidelines.  There will be an effort to provide a clinic or workshop for coaches next year.
  7. Divisional responsibility for the district meet  - It was decided that one division each year would provide officials for the finish line at the district meet. The division with the first meet date will provide finish line officials for this meet.  Since this rotates every year, a division will only be responsible for providing finish line officials once every 6 years. This year, since division 2 has the first date (May 21st), they will be responsible for the district finish line officials on June 19th.
  8. Please be sure that the information regarding parking at Queen's goes to parents, coaches and staff members that might attend the meet. Click here for parking information,
  9. Other items:
    1. Web site is in the process of being updated.
    2. Registration will be done the same as last year - information is on the site.
    3. Canteen- this year we are making an effort to provide recycling at the meets. Please encourage your students to use the recycling bins and have your team clean up your area of the stands before you leave the stadium.
    4. New stadium update-  the date for the new stadium is still 2009 but more realistically 2010. Richardson Stadium will probably be available until 2010.
    5. Divisional records are available on the web site. It was decided that district records can only be set at the district meet - divisional results that beat district results will not be considered as district records.

Annual General Meeting Sept 2007

Harold Card          Westdale Park                          Anita Dannenberg        Amherstview
Laurie Frink           Cataraqui Woods                     Jessamyn D’Amour     Rideau
Cindy Harvey         Elginburg                                   Judi Sears                    Odessa
Holly Turnbull          Odessa                                     Steven Down                Calvin Park
Lisa McFarlane      Lundy’s Lane                           Scott McFarlane           Calvin Park
Shelley Farndon     Storrington                               Andrew Highet              Truedell
Mike Bryant             Bayridge                                  Ed Ianni                         Polson Park
Steve Dobiech        The Prince Charles                Tara Beers                   Marysville
Shelley Desarmia   Sincliar                                    Rob Chestnick              Selby
Nancy Brennan        Lancaster                                Erik Vreeken                Loughborough
John Hall                  Board     

1.      Meeting called to order at 4:20 pm.

2.      Financial report was given by John Hall - coordinator

a.       Bank balance $8489.00

b.      Income $43 644.10            Expenditures: $43 922.32         Deficit: $1278.22

c.       Basketball and volleyball fees did not cover all expenses in these sports as some teams did not show up resulting in lost fees.

d.      Major expenditure this year was on equipment for cross country. All three regions were out fitted with stakes, rope, megaphones, walkie talkies, flags.

e.       Cost were also incurred changing the meets to online registration and computer input at the finish line. This involved purchasing a label printer, labels, power source to run the computer at the events.

3.      Constitution was adopted by unanimous vote. The following amendments were discussed, vote on and passed unanimously.

a.       Section 4.4.5  - changed to have application made to the Athletic director of the sport – passed unanimously

b.      Section 8.1.1 – eligibility of coaches – changed to read coaches shall be a member of the school staff

c.       By-Law 6 amended to include ribbons for track and field and cross country.

d.      By-Law 7 - Tom Bush is to meet with executive and determine if changes to the date for ultimate need to be presented at the next AGM.

4.      Reports:

a.       Anita Dannenberg - Cross Country

                                                   i.       Regions 1 and 2 are registering their teams online this year. Instructions are on the web site.

                                                ii.      Labels will be printed and distributed to the schools when they arrive at the meet.

                                            iii.      Participation ribbons will be handed out at the finish line.

                                              iv.      Changes to Region 1 (Napanee) venue will be explored by Anita and reported back to the executive.

b.      Steve Down - Volleyball:

                                                   i.      Steve is exploring a change to the tie breaking procedure. It was felt that the current procedure is to complex and is often not understood by players, coaches, and parents.

ii.      Volleyball divisions will be filled starting with the smallest schools. The 8 smallest schools according to TOTAL SCHOOL INTERMEDIATE population will be placed in division 6 which will be coed. The remaining divisions will have boys and girls divisions according to the boys and girls intermediate population. Division 5 boys and girls will be filled next with the next 8 smallest schools  according to boys and girls intermediate population. Next will be division 4, then 3 and 2 and finally division1. This means that divisions 1 may have fewer than 8 teams. Voted on and passed.

iii. Schools that request to be moved down a division will not be eligible for playoffs. Voted on and passed.

c.       Erik Vreeken – Basketball

                                                   i.      It was decided that division 6 will be filled starting with the 8 smallest schools. Then divisions 5, 4,3, 2 and finally 1. Division 1 may have fewer than 8 teams.  Voted on and passed.

                        ii. Schools that request to be moved down a division will not be eligible for playoffs. Voted on and passed.

d.      Holly Turnbull - Track and Field Update

                                                               i.     Meets will be held at Richardson this year and will probably be available for 2008 and perhaps 2009.
ii   In the last week of May there will be no meets. This was set up to accommodate testing.
iii. The Algonquin Catholic and Limestone boards have committed funds for the new stadium to be built at St. Lawrence. The site is projected to open in spring 2009.


May 2007 Minutes:

  1. Date change: Division 6 meet has been changed to Thursday, June 7, 2007.
  2. Division change - Simcoe school has moved from division 6 to division 1 due to a scheduling conflict.
  3. Deadline for entries:
    1. Divisions 1,2 and 3 - Wed., May 23, 2007
    2. Divisions 4,5 and 6 - Wed., May 30, 2007
  4. New registration process - please read the instructions for registering your athletes  on the web site as there is a change this year. Hopefully this will simplify the process.
  5. Be sure to check the age categories.
  6. The Association has been approached to participate in the World Harmony run for peace at the LESAA District meet. this will take place during the break in the track events. More details will follow.
  7. Field events will not be run in rounds this year. The midget high jump takes too long and hold up the other events. Please be sure your competitors know that track events take precedent over field events - that is they should report to the clerk of the course as soon as their age group is called for a race.
  8. An attempt has been made to ensure that some healthy snack are available to the canteen - juice, fruit, etc. Please make your athletes aware of this.

May 2006 Minutes
Meeting held at Winston Churchill PS Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 4:15pm

1.     Deadline for registration on teams:

a.      Divisions 1,2 & 6 - Wed., May 24, 2006

b.     Divisions 3,4 & 5 - Wed., May 31, 2006

2.     Inclement Weather:

a.      In case of inclement weather the divisional contact will contact John Hall and a decision will be made - if the meet is to be canceled an announcement will be made on the radio and the schools will be contacted.

b.     Divisional Contacts:  

                                               i.          Division 1 - Shelly Farndon - Amherstview

                                             ii.          Division 2 - Judi Sears - (H) 549-6693    (cell) 328-3000    (school) 386-3022 

                                           iii.          Division 3 - Chet Babcock - Winston Churchill

                                           iv.          Division 4 - Dan Kimmerer - Bayridge

                                             v.          Division 5 – Erik Vreeken - Loughborough

                                           vi.          Division 6 - Carol Cartier - Lundy's Lane

                                         vii.          District Meet - John Hall - 389-6367

3.     Cost:

a.      $3 per competitor regardless of the number of events in which they participate.

b.     Division 5 (northern) schools will be contacted by Erik Vreeken regarding entry fees.

4.     Start times:

a.      All meets start at 9 am for the 3000m and 9:30 am for all other events.

5.     School’s responsibilities:

a.      Providing 2 adult volunteers for the finish line for judging or timing.

b.     Providing student helpers to assist the adult supervisor at the field event - responsible elementary school students

c.      Meets cannot start until volunteers and students are present - please have your student volunteers report to John Hall or Pat Coderre at the finish line as soon as you arrive.

6.     Registration:

a.      We will be using Quattro Pro spreadsheets to register your team. It is critical that the spreadsheet be set up in the correct format. Instructions are on the web site - please be sure to read carefully before filling out the spread sheet.

b.     You must register boys and girls separately - Two separate files will be e-mailed to me.

c.      Once files have been e-mailed - changes should be e-mailed (do NOT resend the file - just e-mail the changes) to John Hall via board e-mail up to the day before the meet.

d.     Final scratches and changes on the day of the meet should be made with the clerk of the course at the start of the meet.

7.     Ages for athletes: see web site

8.     Coaches’ responsibilities:

a.      Track events will be called by age group (ie bantam boys 200m) - only these runners are to report to the start line (ie not all 200m runners) - coaches are responsible to see that their runners report on time - they must inform the clerk of the course if a runner is scratched.

b.     Changes and scratches should be made with the clerk of the course at the start of the meet.

c.      Inform competitors and parents that spikes are not allowed.

d.     Inform your competitors and parents that results and ribbons will not be available until AFTER THE EVENT RESULTS ARE ANNOUNCED.

e.      Officials use walkie talkies to communicate - please discourage students from bringing these to the meet.

f.       Please make sure your runners can RUN the distance - 3000 m and 1500 m competitors should be able to run this distance or they should not be entered in the event.

g.      Competitors that cannot make the starting height for high jump should not be entered.

9.     Where possible field events will all start at the same time and be run in rounds - ie the next round of events will all start at the same time.

10.  High Jump

a.      Information on high jump technique is posted on the web site. Please make sure your jumpers take off at the right point - a diagram is available on the site. Competitors will be disqualified for technique which is considered dangerous - ie jumping so as to miss the mat or hit the standard.

b.     For information on safety regarding high jump please refer to safety guidelines available in your school.

11.  World Harmony Run:

a.      The World Harmony run was discussed but it was decided to leave the run until next school year when it could be presented to the principals for approval and coaches and students prepared.

b.     There were several issues brought up:

                                               i.          Time - the meets already run until 5 pm - any further delay would not be welcomed

                                             ii.          Travel - schools from the north and west- Sharbot Lake, NAEC, and Napanee area might find it difficult to have students present if the run took place before the actual meet - exclusion of these school would not be compatible with the idea of the run.

                                           iii.          Some schools are already involved with this event at the school level.

                                           iv.          Perhaps the best place for this type of event is at the cross country or a road race.

12.  Richardson Stadium:

a.      We will probably have the use of Richardson Stadium on another year (perhaps 2). There is a committee looking into options when the track is removed.

b.     Shelly Farndon (Amherstview PS), Maggie Irvine (Welborne PS) and John Hall (coordinator) have agreed to represent the elementary schools on this committee

13.  A canteen will be available at all meets.

14.  Other Items:

Proposal - divisions for basketball and volleyball will be set up according to female and male student in grades 7 and 8. This means that a school's boys team could be in a different division than the girls team.

Coaches were asked to survey their school basketball and volleyball coaches regarding a change in the set up divisions and have them report back to John Hall.

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February 2006 Minutes

Meeting held at Loughborough PS at 4 pm Wednesday, Nov. 2,2006

  1. Schedules:

    1. Schedules for divisions 4, 5, 6 will be posted on the web site Monday Feb. 20, 2006

    2. Schedules for divisions 1, 2, 3 will be posted on the web site Friday Fen 24, 2006

  2. Seeding:

    1. Division 1 will be seeded - send input to:

      1. Girls' division 1 - Erik Vreeken Loughborough PS

      2. Boys' division 1 - Carol Fuller Lundy's Lane

    2. Other divisions will be seeded according to intermediate population unless I receive some input - schools with long distance will play second.

  3. Fees:

    1. Fees for division 4, 5 & 6 are $60 per team

    2. Fees for division 1, 2 & 3 are $70 - this includes the fees for referees and score keepers for the finals ie if your team makes the finals there is no additional fees.

  4. Please check with the web site for information on recent rule changes, tei breaking procedure, etc.

  5. Exhibition games:

    1. A request for a formal scheduled series of exhibition games was discussed. Coaches present felt that they would prefer to set up their own. A survey will be sent out next year to see if there are schools that would prefer a set schedule with other schools..

  6. Coaches Clinics:

    1. A coaches clinic was schedules for earlier this season but had to be canceled due to a conflict with elementary school basketball tournaments. We will try again next year, perhaps a little earlier (before the start of the season??).

  7. It would be helpful if, when you are setting up invitational tournaments, you could e-mail me via first class. Hopefully this will avoid conflicts.

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November 2005 Update

Meeting to be held at Bayridge PS at 4:00 pm - Wednesday, Nov 2, 2005

    1. Using the libero - rules foe using the libero was presented - click here to see rules
    2. Dates:
      1. Divisional dates
      2. last date for changes - Sunday, Nov 27, 2005
      3. schedules - Schedules will be posted on the web site Tuesday, Nov 29, 2005
    3. Divisions
          1. Divisions
          2. changes in divisions - this year you will only be able to switch division if you can get another school to switch with.
          3. Requests for changes in divisions will be posted on the web site.
    4. Discussion of rules:
      1. 12 substitution rule is still in effect
      2. Net Height is 214 cm or 7 ' for both boys and girls.
      3. Inappropriate behaviour
          1. Game is stopped
          2. Coach is notified and attempt is made to deal with the problem
          3. If problem is not solved - convenor will deal with the problem
          4. If problem still persists - high school staff will be involved

6. Other items:

bulletCost - it was agreed that the cost of referees and minor officials for divisions 1, 2 & 3 will be split among the 8 teams in the division. This will mean an increase of $10 per team for these divisions.
bulletFor division 1, 2 & 3 ==> $45 per team
bulletFor divisions 4,5 & 6 ==> $35 per team

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April 2005 Update

Meeting held Monday April 25,2005 at Henderson PS


Job Action:


There is a possibility of a settlement of the teachers' contract not being settled before the track meets. It was decided that meets would proceed as scheduled with the possibility that the track meets might be canceled. Some schools expressed reservations about this since coaches felt it would not be right to have the students train for meets and then have the meet canceled. Most coaches felt that they could use the Storrington Meet and/or the road races and/or a school meet to give the students who were training something to work towards.


It was decided that we will proceed as scheduled and that the convenors of the divisions would poll the schools in their division to determine which schools if any would not be participating and let John Hall know as soon as possible.


Deadline school to register their teams:    Wednesday, May 25, 2005
If this is a problem, contact John Hall via e-mail as soon as possible

bulletIn case of inclement weather contact the convenor of your division - the convenor will be in contact with John Hall to make a decision on whether a meet is to be canceled.
bulletCost will remain the same as last year - $3 per participant - please send a cheque c/o John Hall at the board office payable to LESAA as soon as you register your team

schools are responsible:
- for providing 2 adult volunteers for the finish line
- students to assist the adult supervisors at each event - the convenor of your division will be in touch with your school regarding this


We will be using a Quattro Pro spreadsheet to register your team again this year. It is critical that the spreadsheet be set up in the correct format. Instructions are on the on the web site - please be sure to read these carefully before filling out the spreadsheet.


Changes should be made with the clerk of the course at the START OF THE MEET - ie as soon as the school arrives - please be sure to let the clerk or event supervisor know if a participant is to be scratched from as event .


You must register boys and girls separately. Two files are to be e-mailed to me.


Use of spikes – spikes will NOT be allowed at the meet


As we did last year, field events will all start at the same time and be run in rounds with the events in the next round starting at the same time .

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February 2005 Update

Meeting held Monday Feb. 7,2005 at Henderson PS

1.  Divisional dates:

1.      Request for a change in the date for division 2 finals is not possible since Frontenac is not available - championships will be played on the original date – Wed., Mar. 9th

2. Please check the Divisions for 2005 as there has been a number of changes.

3.      Date of final has been changed this year to a week earlier for division 3 - Wed., Mar. 2

4.      Dates for 2005

a, Division 1: at LCVI 

·        Girls - Monday, Mar. 7, 2005

·        Boys – Tuesday, Mar, 8, 2005

b, Division 2: at Fromtenac SS

·        Girls - Thursday, Mar. 3, 2005

·        Boys - Friday, Mar, 4, 2005

c. Division 3: at QECVI  

·        Girls - Friday, Feb. 25, 2005

·        Boys - Monday, Feb. 28, 2005

d. Division 4: at  KCVI

·        Girls - Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2005

·        Boys - Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005

e. Division 5: at LaSalle SS

·        Girls - Monday, Feb. 21, 2005

·        Boys - Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005

f. Division 6: at NDSS

·        Girls & Boys - Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2005

g. Championship games - Finals to be held on Wed., Mar 2, 2005 in the evening for division 3 (at KCVI) and Wed., Mar 9 for divisions 1(at LCVI) & division 2 (at Frontenac)

5.      Final date for moving divisions - Feb. 11th – schedules will be available Tues., Feb 15 by 4 pm on the web site

6.      Contact the following to determine is your tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather:

·        Division 1 – John Hall - 389-6367

·        Division 2 – Fred Leavitt – Bath - 384-6480 (home) - 352-7543 (school)

·        Division 3 – Darrell Scott - The Prince Charles - 354-5580 (home) -  354-2121(school)

·        Division 4 – Brandon Robb – Perth Road - 376-3321 (home) - 353-2151 (school)

·        Division 5 – Brian English - Sharbot Lake HS - 374-3493 (home) - 279-2131 (school)

·        Division 6 - Janet Revell - Land O'Lakes - 374-3137 (home) - 335-5254 (school)

7, Seeding

·        Seeding of divisions will be done by intermediate school population unless the convenor is contacted prior to Feb. 15th

·        Teams will be seeded according as follows.

§         Division A        seed #1,4,5,8  

§         Division B         seed# 2,3,6,7

·        There may be some variation from the above to accommodate teams from the north and west. Where possible these teams will play second.

5.      Referees – one adult referee will be provided for each game


8.      Referees – one adult referee will be provided for each game

9.      Entry fees

o   Fees for divisions 1,2 & 3 were increased $5 to cover costs for official referees for the finals
$65/team for division 4,5 & 6
$70/team for divisions 1,2 & 3
 - make cheque payable to LESAA and bring a cheque for both teams to the girls tournament.

10.      Behaviour of coaches, players, spectators:

o       Fair play from Basketball Ontario - see below - include with the notice to be sent home
Basketballs must be in the possession of the coaches at all times - especially between games
Keep food and drinks out of gym - water only at the players bench please.
Do not wear street shoes into the gym

11.      General Information:

o     Coaches should have a first aid kit with them at the tournaments 

o Game rules
§         Tie breaking procedure - coaches should be familiar with the tie breaking procedures set out on the web site to ensure that if a tie occurs it is broken properly.
The following rules were voted on and adopted
§ if a team is leading by 20points or more they cannot press (that is - they must pick up their checks or set up their zone in their own half)
§ if a team is leading by 25 points or more then the clock will not stop in the last minute of play
§ when playing cross court the center line will be the 10 second line (a team has 10 sec to advance the ball across this line) - once across the over and back line will be the foul line

        § in an effort to allow some time between the last round of the round robin an the semi-final games, half time will consist of 2 mins and games will  start immediately after the preceeding game is finished. Please make sure parents understand that the times on the schedule may be off by 15- 30 mins.

o        Items related to sites
Parking at KCVI – the following notice should be included with information going home to parents Parking Services will grant the exemptions for the Limestone District School Board. Parents will be required to follow the guidelines listed below.
§ Parking exemptions will only be granted in the time restricted zones eg. 10am-11am, or 2pm-3pm on the following streets Frontenac Street, Earl Street, Alfred Street, Albert Street.
§ Vehicles must not block driveways, fire hydrants, or park in No Parking areas, School Bus Loading zones or too close to any corner.
§ Parents cannot park in the KCVI school parking lot.
§ Parents and coaches cannot park in bus lanes

12.      Other items?
o  Update – track and field meets - Queen's is voting in the first week of March on two proposals both involve the removal of the track at Richardson Stadium
o  Erik Vreeken at Loughborough is looking into a reorganizing LESAA. If you have any questions or comments please forward them to him. More details will follow at a later date

Behaviour of Athletes
Goal Statement
Any athlete participating in Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association (LESAA) sanctioned events will be expected to adhere to the following Guidelines for Behaviour:

$   FAIR PLAY is an athlete’s first priority.
   Participate for the love and enjoyment of the game.
   Respect the efforts and accomplishments of your team-mates and your opponents
   Respect officials, coaches, spectators and event organizers.
   Respect the facility you visit or in which you play.
   Respect the rules of the game.

Behaviour of Spectators
Goal Statement

Anyone in an audience watching a Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association (LESAA) sanctioned event will be expected to adhere to the following Guidelines for Behaviour.

$     Support the game of basketball!
     Stress the importance of participation.
     Avoid spectator imposed pressures to win.
     Be supportive of the athlete, team, coach, opponents and officials.
     Maintain a supportive, constructive atmosphere conducive to personal development.
     Refrain from negative communication with players, coaches, the scorers’ table or game officials.
     Remain in the spectators’ section, and refrain from entering the playing area at any time.

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October 2004 Update

  1. Division and Dates:
    1. Volleyball and basketball divisions are set and are available on the web page . Check the site to find out your school's division - location - dates - convener. If you have any questions contact me (see bottom of page}.
    2. Note the change in dates for girls divisions 1 and 2 - date is now Friday, Dec. 3 2004. Change was made because the gyms in these schools were being used on the Monday.
  2. Divisions:
    1. Some schools have requested a change of division. It will only be possible to change divisions providing a school in the lower (or upper) division is willing to move up (down). Before asking for a change of division a team should play at least 3 games with other schools in their division.
    2. Requests for moving up or down a division should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament.
    3. Schools will be allowed to move down one division only.
    4. A team can move up more than one division..
    5. Note that no changes will be made after Wednesday, November 17, 2004.
    6. Schedules can be download directly from the web site. The schedules for each division will be available on the web site on Monday, Nov. 22, 2004 after 4 pm. They will not be available before this time.
    7. Request for changes in divisions will be posted on first class.
    8. Sinclair Boys team has requested to move from division 4 to division 3 - Sinclair girls is also considering moving to division 3 and will decide at a later date .
  3. Rules for 2004:
    1. A maximum of 12 substitution per game is still in effect.
    2. Net height is 214 m or 7 feet for both boys and girls.
    3. Inappropriate behaviour
          1. Game is stopped
          2. Coach is notified and an attempt made to deal with the problem
          3. If problem is not solved - convenor will deal with the problem
          4. If problem still persists - high school staff will be involved
  4. Proposal to adopt the libreo rule was adopted for next year (2005).
    1. Discussion:
      1. What is the libreo? - for more information click here
      2. A clinic will be set up in September next year in part to explain the role of the libreo and also to clarify other rules.
      3. The libreo does not have to be used - for schools who choose not to use it, there will be no change,
      4. High school use the libreo and student referees will be familiar with the rule
      5. Allows players to become familiar with the rule that will be used in high school
      6. Allows a team to keep a defensive specialist on the team - this might be a younger player who is quick and can pass well but is not strong enough to serve or tall enough to block and hit or it might allow you to keep a tall player whose coordination has not developed yet and use him in the front row to block and hit and replace him in the back row with a shorter defensive player.
  5. Other Items:
    1. St. Lawrence College is running a girls' tournament on Nov. 26 and 27 and is still looking for teams - contact Brendan Lally at e-mail "b Lally" or phone 544-5400 ext 1274 if you are interested.
    2. Please notify me if you are running a tournament so I can send the information to all coaches.
    3. A request was made for a volleyball clinic for new coaches. It was determined that it was too late this year to put together a clinic but we will run one next September perhaps incorporated with the rules clinic.
    4. A request was made for a basketball clinic for new coaches. I will set up a clinic for January 2005. The clinic will run if we can receive enough interest from coaches. Please pass this information along to the basketball coaches in your school. More information will be sent at a later date.

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Update April, 2004

Track and Field Meeting Minutes

  1. Dates and other information are posted on the web site.

  2. Cost : Cost for the use of the stadium has not changed this year. As a result, the fees will remain the same as last year
    $3 per athlete - determined from entry program - please send a cheque payable to LESAA via the board mail to John
           Hall at board office

  3. Schools’ responsibilities:


    Schools will not be responsible for running an event - all events will be run by adult supervisors provided by LESAA


    Schools are responsible for:


    providing 2 adult volunteers for the finish line for judging and timing (you may want to split this duty – 2 in the morning – 2 in the afternoon)


    providing students to assist the adult supervisor at field events – these helpers need to be responsible elementary school students.

  4. We will be using a Quattro Pro spreadsheet to register your team this year. It is critical that the spreadsheet be set up in the correct format. Instructions are on the on the web site - please be sure to read these carefully before filling out the spreadsheet.

  5. You must register boys and girls separately. Two files will be e-mailed to me.

  6. Results from last year for both divisional and district meets as well as district records are on the web site. You may want to check to see how your athletes compare.

  7. High Jump – please be sure that your high jumpers are comfortable clearing the starting height. We have had complaints from parents whose children arrive at the meet and cannot clear the starting heights.

  8. Use of spikes – spikes will NOT be allowed at the meet – shoes with the spikes removed will be allowed.

  9. Ages for athletes:


    Midgets - born 1991- - enter ages in program as 13 - age group in program 12-99


    Bantams - born 1992- 1993 - enter ages in program as 11 - age group in program 10-11


    Atoms - born 1994+ - enter ages in program as 9 - age group in program 9


    Open - any age - enter age as 13,11 or 9 - age in program 1-99

  10. Please be sure that competitors and parents realize that ribbons are not handed out in heats.

  11. Changes should be made with the clerk of the course at the START OF THE MEET - ie as soon as the school arrives.

  12. Track events will be called by age group and only the group called should go to the start line. This again is to help in running the field events.

  13. Coaches are asked to make sure their runners report to the start line on time when their age group is called.

  14. Do not ASK FOR RESULTS BEFORE THEY ARE ANNOUNCED ON THE PA. Finalists for the 100m and 200m will be announced and posted ASAP.

  15. Field events will all start at the same time and be run in rounds with the events in the next round starting at the same time. This will help in running the field events and avoid confusion at the start line.

  16. A canteen will be available.

LESSA District Track and Field Meet
Tuesday, June 15,2004
Rain Date: Thursday, June 17,2004

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Update February 5, 2004

LESAA Basketball
Minutes from meeting Thursday, Feb. 5,2004

  1. Review of divisional dates 2004:


Division 1: at LCVI 
Girls - Monday, Mar. 8, 2004
Boys - Tuesday, Mar, 9, 2004
Finals - Wed. Mar 10,2004

bullet Division 2: at Frontenac SS
Girls - Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2004
Boys - Thursday, Mar, 4, 2004
Finals - Wed. Mar. 10, 2004
bullet Division 3: at KCVI 
Girls - Monday, Mar. 1, 2004
Boys - Tuesday, Mar. 2, 2004
Finals - Wed. Mar. 3, 2004
bullet Division 4: at QECVI
Girls - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004
Boys - Friday, Feb. 27, 2004
Finals on the same day as the tournaments
bullet Division 5: at LaSalle SS
Girls - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004
Boys - Friday, Feb. 27, 2004
Finals on the same day as the tournaments
bullet Division 6: at NDSS
Girls - Wed., Mar. 10 , 2004 (Girls and Boys????)
Boys - Thursday, Mar. 11, 2004
Finals on the same day as the tournaments


2. Moving divisions

bulletFinal date for division changes - Friday, Feb. 13th
bulletProposal - if a school changes to a lower division, they are not eligible for the playoffs. This is to prevent schools from moving down a division and winning the championship or a medal in the lower division. This means that if you drop down a division, your team cannot advance beyond the round robin. 
This was discussed in detail and several options were put forth. There will be NO CHANGE IN POLICY THIS YEAR. A survey will be sent to each school and coaches will be asked to vote on these options to be put in place next year.

3. Championship games

bulletFinals to be held on Mar 10, 2004 in the evening for division 1, 2 and Mar 3, 2004 for division 3
bulletTeams in the finals of divisions 1,2 and 3, be sure to bring a cheque to cover the cost of the referees - $25/team.

4. Set up emergency procedure in case of inclement weather:

bulletDivisional contacts were set up for each division. The divisional contact s will be in touch with the coaches in their division to get phone numbers so that coaches can be reached in case of inclement weather.

5. Seeding

a) check web site for changes in your division before you e-mail the seeding for your division.
b) Teams will be split into an A and B division according to the seeding received from the coaches:. There may be some variation for the following to accommodate teams from the north and west. Where possible these teams will play second.

Division A                             Division B
#1                                                 #2
#4                                                 #3
#5                                                 #6
#8                                                 #7

c) Coaches are asked to seed all the teams in their division and e-mail this to me NO LATER THAN Monday, FEB. 16,2004.
I will need to receive responses from at least half the coaches in a division in order to seed that division. If I do not receive enough responses, the teams will be seeded according to their intermediate school population.

6. Referees:
a) an adult referee will be provided for each game along with a high school referee..
b) adult referees will be paid $10/game.

7. Entry fees
a) $50/team ( extra cost to cover the cost of referees)
b) Please bring a cheque to cover the cost of both teams ($100) to the girls’ tournaments.

8. Behaviour of coaches, players, spectators:
a) Fair play from Basketball Ontario - this has been posted on the web site and can be downloaded from there - include this with the notice to be sent home
b) Basketballs must be in the possession of the coaches at all times - especially between games
c)Keep food and drinks out of gym -
water only at the players bench please.
d) Please clean up your bench after every game

9. General Information:
a) Game rules - lining up for foul shots - the shooter plus TWO offensive players in the lanes and 4 defensive players in the lanes.
b) Man to man vs zone defenses - are allowed as well as zone presses.
c) Tie breaking procedure - the coach should be familiar with the tie breaking procedures set out in the rules (see web site for more information)
d) Since we play cross court the foul line is usually used for over and back calls while the center line is used for 10 sec. calls

10. Items related to sites

Parking at KCVI - parking areas for visitors will be forward to schools in division - Please make sure coaches and parents know that cars parking in the KCVI or Queen’s parking lot will be ticketed.
Parking in the bus lanes at the High Schools creates major problems for the schools. Please make sure coaches and parents are aware of this.


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Update October 16, 2003

Minutes from convenors' meeting Wednesday, Oct 16, 2003 at JR Henderson PS
Changes are in red

  1. All changes in divisions must be finalized by Friday Nov. 14, 2003
  2. Request for changes on divisions will be posted on the web site. If you wish to change divisions check here first to see if there is any school who wishes to move.
  3. The following requests to change divisions have been received::
    1. Westdale Park boys and girls teams have requested to move down to Division 2. Any team considering a move to division 2 should contact Mike Blackburn at Westdale Park.
    2. NAEC are looking to move from division 3 to division 4. Teams willing to move up should contact Chad Taylor at NAEC.
  4. The following changes in divisions have already been made:
    1. Newburgh and Hinchinbrooke Schools have moved from Division 5 to Division 6
    2. Holsgrove and Truedell have moved from division 6 to division 5
    3. Glenburnie girls have moved from division 4 to division 3
    4. NAEC girls have moved from division 3 to division 4
  5. Dates for division 2 have been changed:
            - Girls - Monday Dec 8, 2003 at Frontenac
            - Boys - Tuesday Dec., 9, 2003 at Frontenac
            - date for the finals will remain the same - Wed Dec 10 in the evening - 6 pm start
  6. Division have been posted on the web site. Check the site to see where your school has been placed.
  7. Tie breaking procedure will remain the same. Check the web site for information regarding this procedure.
  8. Net height is now 214 cm for both boys and girls as agreed on in the meeting last year.
  9. Schedules will be posted on the web site by Friday Nov 21.  You will be able to download a copy from the site at this time.
  10. If you wish input into the seeding of your division (boys or girls) you must e-mail me by Friday Nov 14,2003. Check the web site to see who is in your division, and rank them from 1 to 8 with 1 being the top team and 8 the weakest. If I do not receive any input form the coaches the teams will be ranked according to their intermediate population. The teams are listed in their division according to their intermediate school population.
  11. I will not be in town from Nov 14 to Nov 24. I will be able to be reached by e-mail or on my cell phone - 531-1506.

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Update February 2003

Minutes from convenors' meeting Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2003 at JR Henderson PS

In Attendances: 
- John Hall, Tom Waugh, Steve Glover, Pat Coderre
School reps:
Kim Ferguson-Murray - Harrowsmith; Chris Chanock - Enterprise; Stephane Charron - Odessa; 
Scott Martin - Elginburg; Jim Sunstrum - Sandhurst; Lindsay Fisher - Selby; Craig Hall - Lancaster; 
Dan McWhirter - Acadie; Marvin Rolls - Vanier; Joanne Gordon - Acadie; Shelly Bannon - Westdale Park;
Steve Arniel - Collins Bay; Carol Baetz - Rideau; Tony Raudnask - Sydenham; Cindy Marchen - Tamworth;
Carol Fuller - Lundy's Lane; Mark McCrady - Bayridge; Erik Vreeken - Loughborough; Bill Coates - Calvin Park;
Tim Harris - Amherstview; Dave Nichols - Bayridge; Dan Kimmerer - Bayridge; Pierre Parent - Vanie

Recent changes in RED

  1. Review of Divisional Dates:
    1. Two request were received:
      1. Change the dates for division 4 - reverse the boys and girls dates -  all schools in the division 
        will be polled to see if this is possible. 
      2. Change the date of the division 3 final - Harrowsmith requested a change due to a prior 
        commitment - it was decided to wait to see if they are in the finals and make arrangements 
        at that time.
    2. The following are the dates for the divisional tournaments:
      1. Division 1: at Fromtenac SS
        Girls - Monday, Mar. 3, 2003
        Boys - Tuesday, Mar, 4, 2003
      2. Division 2: at LCVI
        Girls - Monday, Mar. 3, 2003
        Boys - Tuesday, Mar, 4, 2003
      3. Division 3: at KCVI
        Boys - Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003
        Girls - Friday, Feb. 28, 2003
      4. Division 4: at QECVI
        Boys - Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003
        Girls - Friday, Feb. 28, 2003
      5. Division 5: at LaSalle SS
        Girls - Monday, Mar. 3, 2003
        Boys - Tuesday, Mar, 4, 2003
      6. Division 6: at NDSS
        Girls and Boys - Monday, Feb. 24, 2003 
    3. Final date for moving divisions is Feb. 17th. John Hall is to be notified by this date if your team
       wishes to change divisions. It should be noted that teams can
      only change divisions if another 
      team is willing to move or a team drops out.
    4. Each school is asked to e-mail John Hall with the following information:
      1. Name of the school
      2. Name of Boys' and Girls' coaches
      3. Phone number where the coaches can be reached in case of emergency
      4. E-mail address in not First Class (board e-mail)
  2. Championship Games - Finals for division 1,2 & 3 will be held at the same high school on Mar. 5. For
    other divsion the finals will be played on the same day.
  3. In case of inclement weather, the following people will contact John Hall (389-6367) if there is a problem 
    with weather and their tournament is to be cancelled, coaches contacted and other arrangements made. 
    bulletDivision 1 - Mark McCrady - Bayridge
    bulletDivision 2 - Dennis Logan - Prince Charles, Verona
    bulletDivison 3 - Kim Ferguson-Murray - Harrowsmith
    bulletDivision 4 - Chad Taylor - NAEC
    bulletDivison 5 - Land O'Lakes
    bulletDivison 6 - Jim Sundstrum - Sandhurst
  4. Seeding:
    bulletall divisions will be seeded
    bulletcoaches are asked to check the website on Wed., Feb 19 to see who is in their division (some changes 
    may occur) 
    bulletCoaches will seed the teams from 1 to 8 with 1 being the top team
    bulletThese seeding will be e-mailed to me no later than Wed., Feb 19th
    bulleta reminder will be sent out regarding this - no late seedings will be considered
    bulletTeams will be placed in divisions as follows:
    Division A - seed # 1,4,5,8
    Division B - seed # 2,3,6,7
  5. Use of Carded Officials
    bulletAll schools agreed to go with KDBABO Officials. They will provide 1 official for each game 
    at a cost of $10/game.
    Division 1 which voted to go with 2 officials at $10/game
    bulletsome concern was expressed about rules that coaches may not be familiar with - filling out 
    score sheets correctly, numbers on jersey, etc. The convenors at the tournament will deal with any 
    concerns or problems that may arise. Please do not hesitate to ask.
  6. Entry Fees:
    1. Entry fees for the tournaments will be as follows:
      1.  Division 1 - $75/team
      2. Division 2, 3, 4, 5,6 - $55/team
    2. Entry Fees are to be submitted to John Hall by Wed., Feb 19th. Make cheques payable to LESAA 
      and send them via board mail to John Hall c/o LESAA at Board Office.
  7. Behaviour of athletes, spectators and coaches:
    1. The fair play policy from Basketball Ontario was handed out. A copy of this can be found on the web site.
    2. It is suggested that the policy regarding spectators and athletes might go home with the athlete's 
      permission form.
  8. Zone Defences:
    bulletA hot discussion regarding the use of zone defenses arose again. Some pro and cons discussed:
    bulleteasy to use for inexperienced coaches
    bulletused in high school and OBA 
    bulletmore adaptable and fun for non athletes who do not plan to continue with in the game
    bulletdoes not teach the skills players need to develop
    bulletrequires teach 2 different approach to the game - not enough time to properly cover this
    bulletIt was decided to poll the coaches and make some decisions for next year. A poll will be sent with the 
    reminder regarding seeding and will need
    to be returned by Wed., Feb 19th.

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Update October 2002

Minutes from convenors meeting Thursday, Oct. 18, 2002 at JR Henderson PS

  1. Cross Country Update - Dan Kimmerer
    1. Dan Kimmerer indicated that there were over 950 participants at The Joe Goodfellow Memorial Cross Country at Hinchinbrooke School  and over 1250 participants in the Limestone District Cross Country Championships at Fort Henry. 
    2. Both meets went smoothly. He indicated that next year all races will be 2.5 km. This will spread the runners out and prevent problems at the finish line. 
    3. He also indicated that next year the stress for all coaches was to ensure that all participants are runners and Coaches DO NOT BRING PARTICIPANTS WHO CANNOT RUN THE COMPLETE COURSE as this creates problems as the next race cannot start until all participants have completed the course. 
    4. Results for both events have been put on the web site.
  2. There will be two representatives from each of the 6 divisions. The present reps have agreed to find another person to represent their division and inform the committee at the next meeting.
  3. LESAA divisions for volleyball and basketball have been posted on the web site. 
  4. Volleyball:
    1. Dates and divisions have been posted on the web site. Please note the change in division 3 - the boys and girls dates have been switched. 
    2. Before you request a change in division you must have played at least 2 other teams in your division. 
    3. A request to change divisions must be e-mailed to John Hall by Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2002.
    4. A volleyball meeting for all divisional representative and all volleyball coaches will be held at Henderson on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2002 at 4:30 pm in the resource centre. Among the topics on the agenda will be seedings (set by the coaches) for each division, tie breaking procedures, and championship game date and time.
    5. Schedules for the divisions will be posted on the web site by Monday, Nov. 25, 2002.
    6. If a division has 5 or 7 teams the convenor will ask the teams in the division for players to make up a team. These players will make up a team to compete in the round robin part of the tournament. The games involving this teams will NOT COUNT IN THE STANDINGS and the players will be allowed to join their own team for the playoffs.
    7. All coaches are asked to read carefully the tie breaking procedures that are currently in place to break ties (these can be found on the volleyball page of the web site under Information). A discussion and vote on tie breaking procedures will take place at the coaches meeting on Thursday Nov., 21 at Henderson PS (4:30 pm).
    8. All divisions will use high school referees.
    9. Fees for all teams will be $30.
    10. It should be noted that teams should NOT be sent to tournament without a teacher.
    11. It was requested that information regarding Invitational Tournament be sent by e-mail to all schools and posted on the web site so that all teams have an equal chance to enter. Tournaments to date:
      1. Loughborough PS    
        Oct. 25 & 26    contact: Brian Grigg - Loughborough PS
      2. Co-ed Tournament    
        Nov. 1 & 2        contact: Ted Carson  389-5419
      3. Ernestown SS Elementary School Volleyball Tournament
        Nov.8 & 9        contact: Ted Carson  389-5419
      4. Vanier Volleyball Tournament
        Nov. 8 & 9         contact: Vanier
        Check the web site for any additions. I will post them as I receive them. 
  5. Basketball:
    1. Dates and Divisions are posted on the web site. 
    2. Referees:- at the first meeting for the basketball coaches in January, the cost for referees for each of the following will be presented and each division will be given the opportunity to choose one of the following options:
      1. referees from the Kingston Referees Assoc.
      2. university students
      3. convnors and other adults
      4. high school students
  6. Track and Field:- Several attempts have been made to arrange a meeting with  Queen's in order to set cost for the use of Richardson for next year but we have not been able to get together to date. I will get you posted. 

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Update June 2002

Minutes from convenors meeting Tuesday, June18, 2002

bulletDates for 2002/2003:(all dates are tentative)
bulletCross Country 
bullet Joe Goodfellow Memorial Cross Country Meet
bulletMonday, Oct. 7, 2002
bulletLESAA Cross Country Championships
bulletTuesday, Oct. 15,2002
bulletDivision 1 -  Girls - Monday, Dec. 9, 2002
                    - Boys - Tuesday, Dec. 10,2002
bulletDivision 2/Division 3 -  Girls - Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2002
                                        - Boys - Thursday, Dec. 4,2002
bulletDivision 4/Division 5 -  Girls - Monday, Dec. 2, 2002
                                        - Boys - Tuesday, Dec. 3,2002
bulletDivision 6                     - Co-ed - Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2002
bulletFinals (if played at night) will be on Wed., Dec. 11,2002
bulletDivision 1/Division 2 -  Girls - Monday, Mar. 3, 2003
                                        - Boys - Tuesday, Mar. 4,2003
bulletDivision 3/Division 4 -  Girls - Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003
                                        - Boys - Friday, Feb. 28, 2003
bulletDivision 5/Division 6 -  Girls - Monday, Feb. 24, 2003
                                        - Boys - Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003
bulletFinals (if played at night) will be on Wed., Mar. 5, 2003
bulletTrack and Field
bulletDivisional Meets:
bulletDivision 3 (Central) - Wednesday, May 28, 2003
bulletDivision 4 (Western) - Thursday, May 29, 2003
bulletDivision 5 (Northern) - Friday, May 30, 2003
bulletDivision 6 (Eastern) - Tuesday, June 3, 2003
bulletDivision 1 (Napanee) - Wednesday, June 4, 2003
bulletDivision 2 (Odessa) - Thursday, June 5, 2003
bulletRain Dates - Friday, June 6, 2003 and Monday, June 9, 2003
bulletLESAA Track and Field Championship:
bulletTuesday, June 10, 2003
bulletRain Date - Wednesday June 11, 2003
bulletTrack and Field
bulletEntry Program:
bulletThe entry program worked well and we plan to use it again next year. It should be easier next year since the programs have already been installed in all schools.
bulletSet up for next year:
bulletThere will be an increase in the rental fee for Richardson Stadium next year. As to date, the exact amount of the increase is not known. We are hoping to keep the cost per student the same as this year by reducing the number of division from 6 to 4. A decision on this will be made at the next meeting in September when the costs are known. 
bulletLESAA track and field records:
bulletIt was decided that district records can only be established at the district meet. However, it was decided that divisional records will be kept.
bulletExtra representation for larger schools:
bulletThe question of whether a division can decide that schools may be allowed to enter extra athletes in individual events was discussed.  (A pilot project which allowed Calvin Park to enter additional athletes was permitted this year). This is a question of divisional autonomy and is discussed below.
bulletHigh Jump Heights:
bulletIt was decided that high jump heights for the district meet will be raised in some divisions. The heights will be reviewed and a proposal brought to the next meeting. 
bulletOther Items:
bulletThe use of spikes was discussed. This issue will be discussed with board administration before being sent to the principal and divisions. Two main points were brought up:
bulletSafety - injury as a result of a slip on a wet or sandy track or high jump apron is a much greater risk than the chance an injury that may be caused by use of the spikes. 
bulletFairness - does the cost of spikes give an unfair advantage to some athletes or schools. 
bulletLESAA Organization:
bulletIt was decided that two representatives from each division would be used next year. 
bulletAn information meeting will be held in September for all coaches.
bulletDivisional Autonomy:
bulletA question regarding a division's right to decide how their division is to be organized was discussed. Questions such as how many competitors are allowed per event for each school, starting times for track meets, whether to play co-ed tournaments, how to organize a 7 team volleyball or basketball tournaments are some examples of question that might be dealt with at a divisional level. It was decided that this question would be discussed at divisional meetings to be held in September.
bulletBasketball/Volleyball Changes for 2003/2003:
bulletLast year refereeing in some instances was less than satisfactory. John Hall has agreed to explore the possibility of upgrading the refereeing by using an adult (convener) in conjunction with the high school students provided by the school.
bulletCross Country:
bulletA financial report for cross country will be submitted to the committee annually
bulletFinancial Items:
bulletA financial statement for the year for basketball, volleyball and track and field was presented to the committee.
bulletA proposal will be taken to the principals by Paul Lamarche to have the schools pay a fee for the year for basketball and volleyball in the fall. Paul will report back as soon as possible.

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Basketball Results 2002
Boys Tournaments
Girls Tournaments
Division Champion Silver Medallist Champion Silver Medallist
Lancaster Vanier Vanier The Prince Charles
Henderson Winston Churchill Amherstview Bath
Welborne Amherstview Sinclair Perth Road
Fairfield Frontenac Fairfield Winston Churchill
Sydenham Land O'Lakes Collins Bay Newburgh
Centreville Hinchinbrooke Samdhurst Centreville
  1. Six divisional basketball championships were completed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please e-mail me at the address below or give me a call and we will put it on the agenda for next years meeting.
  2. We would like to update the volleyball and basketball results from previous years. We would like the coaches to check out the volleyball and basketball results on the web page (address below) and e-mail me with any of information that is missing.
  3. Any school that has basketball pictures (digital or otherwise) can you forward them to me at Henderson (or e-mail me the digital pictures) and  I will put them on the web page. We are still looking for any volleyball team pictures.
  4. We are in the process of evaluating track and field/cross country software. The software we are looking at will allow coaches to register their athletics on the various track events from the own computer and e-mail this to me. This should make setting up the meets much easier .More information will be sent once we have selected the software.
  5.  Track and Field Coaches - Get an early start on your season at the

Bengal - Falcon Indoor Track & Field Series All-Comers Meet

bulletThe Track and Field Teams of Bayridge S.S. and Frontenac S.S. in Kingston, Ontario invite you to participate in the first Bengal-Falcon Indoor Track and Field Series. The meet is ‘all-comers’ in format and is open to all ages and abilities.
bulletAthletes will be grouped by ability for all races. Elementary, High School, Club and local runners are welcome to these events held at the new indoor track at RMC/Base Kingston.
bulletFor more information please contact Bryan Lambert (entries and admin) or Dave Grant (volunteers) at one of the numbers listed below. ** All individuals (coaches, athletes and spectators) attending the meet should have ID (photo I.D. will be checked for all adults) as the meet is being held on Canadian Forces Base property. **
bulletThere is no pre-registration, please register the day of the meet. No spikes longer than 6 mm are permitted within the indoor track area. ALL SPIKES WILL BE CHECKED AT THE START LINE.
bulletAs this is the first meet on the indoor track, we are unable to offer throws or hurdles at this point. We hope in the future that the facility permits these events.
bulletDirections: From 401 take Hwy 15 exit south to HWY 2. Go west down hill to bottom of hill and the Athletic Centre is on the right (north) side of the road.

    Meet:Thursday March 28th, 2002

bulletRegistration 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
bullet7:30 pm start, races to follow in order listed
bullet8:00 pm
bulletLong Jump & High Jump (followed by)
bulletTriple Jump
Registration Fee: $4.00 per event, relays $4.00 per team
Meet Directors:   Bryan Lambert (entries and admin)                 Dave Grant
                                Bayridge S.S.                                                     Frontenac S.S.
                                389-8932                                                            389-2130


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Update November, 2001

  1. The board has changed the address of the LESAA web page. All information regarding inter-school sports is located on this page. Please bookmark the following in your . You can also reach this page through the board web site ( ). From the web site follow this path: programs ==> Elementary Service ==> LESAA 
  2. Results from the Joe Goodfellow Memorial Cross Country and the LESAA Cross Country Meets are available at the site. Please advise me of any omissions or errors.
  3. Volleyball divisional meetings have taken place. Schedules and information sheets were handed out at these meetings. Let me know if your school does not have a copy. Check the web page for your division, convener and location. Schedule and information sheets for Division 6 co-ed tournament Wed. Dec 5th at The Prince Charles in Napanee will be sent next week.
  4. Queen's has taken our divisional rain dates for track and field (June 6 and 7). As a result, we have had to change the date for the Division 2 meet from June 5 to Monday, May 27,2002. Rain dates are now Wed., June 5 (at Richardson) and Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7 at Storrington PS. Please check the web page for all dates.
  5. All divisional track and field meets as well as the District Meet will be run at Queen's Richardson Stadium and will be convened by John Hall and a group of volunteers. We will arrange meetings for each division in late April or early May.

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Update October, 2001

  1. Volleyball and basketball divisions are set and are available on the web page . Check the site to find out your school’s division - location - dates - convener. If you have any questions contact me (see bottom of page}.
  2. Some schools have requested a change of division. Schools are permitted to change divisions if they are not competitive in that division. Before asking for a change of division a team should play at least 3 games with other schools in the division. It will only be possible to change divisions providing a school in the lower division is willing to move up. Requests for moving up or down a division should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Schools will be allowed to move down one division only. A team can move up more than one division.. Note that no changes will be made after Friday, November 16, 2001.
  3. The proposal to provide outside conveners from retired coaches/teachers for each division in volleyball and basketball was approved by the principals. There will be meetings held for each of the divisions prior to the tournaments. Please ensure that both the boys’ and girls’ coaches are aware of these meetings. Please check the web page to see your school’s division and make note of the time, date and location of the divisional meeting for your school.




    Location of Meeting


    Division 1

    Tuesday, Nov. 6

    John Hall

    Bayridge PS

    4:15 pm

    Division 2

    Wednesday, Nov. 7

    Steve Glover

    Bayridge PS

    4:15 pm

    Division 3

    Wednesday, Nov. 14

    Pat Coderre

    Henderson PS

    4:15 pm

    Division 4

    Tuesday, Nov. 13

    Pam Dawson

    Winston Churchill PS

    4:15 pm

    Division 5

    Thursday, Nov. 8

    Tom Waugh

    Henderson PS

    4:15 pm

  4. Cross Country Update: Cross country results will be posted on the web page as soon as possible. Check out the cross country picture gallery at the site
  5. Basketball and Volleyball: Division 6 (Hinchinbrooke, Centreville, Sandhurst, Amherst Island and Clarendon) has agreed to play a co-ed tournament. The tentative date for the tournament is Wed. Dec. 5. The location is still not confirmed. It will be convened by John Hall.

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Update September, 2001

1. The LESAA web site is under construction. Dates and information regarding cross country have been updated. Divisions for Basketball and volleyball will be available by the end of September.

2.There are several changes to the organization of LESAA this year. The board has  appointed me Athletic Director of LESAA. My responsibilities will be:


To provide assistance to the conveners of the cross country meets


To chair meetings as needed with a representatives from each of the six divisions, the board and the principals


To collect information from all schools and set up divisions for volleyball and basketball.


To book facilities for volleyball and basketball tournaments and track and field meets for all divisions.


 To set up meetings with high school athletic directors to arrange scheduling, dates, and referees for all divisional volleyball and basketball tournaments


 To arrange conveners for volleyball and basketball tournaments and track and field meets for all divisions.


 To set up tournament schedules for volleyball and basketball tournaments


To provide all schools with dates, locations, schedules, rules regarding volleyball and basketball tournaments, track and field meets and cross country information


 To act as a liaison between elementary and high schools for basketball and volleyball


 To maintain and update the LESAA web site


To organize and run the LESAA track and field meet and assist divisional track and field conveners


To order ribbons, and medals for all LESAA functions

3.  Cross country is starting soon. Log on the web site to get all the details.

4.There will be a meeting in mid September regarding Cross Country and basketball and volleyball. A representative from each division should be present. Details will appear in the next update. To find out the division in which your school has been placed and who your representative is, check the web site.

5. LESAA sports events will run much the same way they did last year. For information (rules, dates, locations, etc) on the various sports check the web site above.

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