LESAA Constitution

 September 2008


Constitution for the Limestone Elementary School Athletic Association

 LESAA Constitution and By-Laws


Mission Statement




1.                Name

2.                Aims

3.                Membership

4.                Officers

5.                School Sports Representatives

6.                Finances

7.                Meetings

8.                The constitution

9.                Eligibility

10.           Protests



1.              Power of the Executive

2.                Sponsored Activities

3.       Approval of new Activity

4.       Conveners

5.                Committees

6.                Medals and Records

7.                Playing Regulations

8.                Playoffs

9.                Entry Fees

10.                Concessions

11.           Violation of Coaching Ethics



1.             LESAA Executive

2.             Code of Behavior

3.             Ejections

4.             Incident Report


Mission Statement



LESAA provides an opportunity for students to further their education by striving for excellence, both individually and cooperatively, through school sport, while promoting the ideals of fair play.




WE BELIEVE that sport should be fun.


WE BELIEVE in the right of all students to participate in sport and to pursue their personal levels of excellence.


WE BELIEVE in fairness, on and off the field of play, as characterized by equality, integrity and trust.


WE BELIEVE in free and open communication and respect for the views, roles and contributions of athletes and coaches.


WE BELIEVE in sport as a vehicle to promote understanding and harmony within and among all students in all schools.


WE BELIEVE those in leadership roles in sport have a responsibility to teach and apply its values.


WE BELIEVE that the short and long term physical, social, mental and spiritual well ­being of all participants in sport should be enhanced through appropriate behaviour and practices.


WE BELIEVE that all student-athletes must be free of performance-enhancing drugs.




All motions and decisions of LESAA groups must be made in accordance with the letter or the spirit of the LESAA constitution.




1.      Name:

1.1.    This Association shall be know as the Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association (LESAA).

2.      Aim:

2.1.   To promote the scheduling and governance of the extracurricular sports programs for students among the schools of this association.

3.      Membership:

3.1.   The members of this association shall consist of all elementary schools of the Limestone District School Board.

3.2.   Membership in the association is required for LESAA sponsored events. Membership is not required for invitational events not sponsored by LESAA.

3.3.     Other schools may be allowed to compete in sports sponsored by LESAA.

3.3.1.       Schools wishing to participate in a LESAA sponsored sport must apply to the Athletic Director of the sport 30 days prior to the event.

3.3.2.      The Athletic director will make his recommendation to the executive.

3.3.3.      Admission to the sport will be gained by a simple majority vote of executive and the approval of the Board.

4.      Officers:

4.1.   Positions

4.1.1.      Executive (see appendix 1) - The Executive of the Association shall consist of:

1 Board Superintendent/Supervisor

2 Principal’s representative

3 Coordinator

4 Athletic Director for each sport sponsored by LESAA

4.2.    Honorary officers may be appointed at the discretion of the Athletic Director of that sport

4.3.    Election of Officers:

4.3.1.      The election of officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). in September.

4.3.2.      Nominations should (shall) be submitted to the Coordinator before or at the Annual meeting. Election will be made by simple majority vote in a secret ballot. The term of office shall be two years.

4.3.3.      Vacancies occurring in the Executive between AGM meetings shall be filled at the discretion of the Executive.

4.4.   Duties of Officers

4.4.1.      Board Superintendent/Supervisor shall: Address concerns from principals and parents when necessary. Act as the liaison between the Board and LESAA executive. Address financial concerns regarding the funding required by the Association.

4.4.2.       Principals Representative shall: Act as liaison between Board, principals/parents and the executive. Address concerns of principals and parents. Present issue approved by LESAA executive at principals’ meetings. Act as signing authority for LESAA bank account. Provide guidance and perform such duties as requested by the executive.

4.4.3.      Coordinator shall: Conduct all general meetings. Represent or delegate a representative of LESAA at any function requiring representation. Post a record of the proceedings of all Association General Meetings on the web site or (designate an alternative). Take and distribute the minutes from each Association meeting and send copies to schools, principal’s representative and the Board superintendent/supervisor. Receive, record and distribute all official correspondence to the executive.  Calculate and invoice schools for the sport entry fees.  Setup and run concessions at activities.  Appoint Conveners for required activities.  Perform such other duties as needed by the Executive.        Act as signing authority for LESAA bank account.        Pay all bills approved by the Association.        Maintain a financial record for the Association.        Provide a dated statement of finance for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September.         Provide feedback to sports Athletic Directors at the end of each season.         Maintain the LESAA web site (post minutes, dates, sport specific information, results and other relevant information on the site)

4.4.4.      Each Athletic Director shall: Provide an overview of the season at the AGM for their sport. Submit proposals to the Coordinator for changes to be voted at the AGM at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Be responsible for setting schools in divisions so as to evenly distribute schools among divisions and to ensure parity in their sport. Recommendations for changes to divisions will be submitted to the executive in writing prior to the AGM and presented at the meeting for ratification. Be responsible for recommending changes to entry fees to the executive which if approved will be presented at an AGM for ratification. Report to the coordinator any problems arising from their sport. Appoint members to a committee to help with divisional input and feedback

4.4.5 School Sports Representative:    Each school will appoint a school sports representative who may be a principal, vice- principal, or member of the teaching staff. Parents or non teaching staff cannot be appointed as the sports representative for a school.    Duties of the School representative:      Act as liaison between the coaches of the school teams and the members of the executive.      Ensure that all communications from LESSA are directed to the appropriate individuals (coaches, principals, etc.).      Discuss upcoming changes to be voted on at AGM as outlined on the agenda for Annual General Meeting with the school staff – coaches, principals, etc.      Attend the LESAA Annual General Meeting and vote on changes made to the constitution.


5.1       Member schools shall pay to the convener of the tournaments entry fees for each sport. Such fees shall be decided by the membership at a regular meeting.

5.2       Signature of the coordinator and the principals’ representative are required on all LESSA cheques.

5.3      Concessions for LESAA events will be approved by the coordinator or executive. (See Appendix 9)

5.4        Financial reports are to be given at the Annual General Meeting (September).

6.      MEETINGS

6.1.   Representation:

6.1.1.      Eligible members include: Board Superintendent/Supervisor, Principals’ Representative, Executive Members, and School Sports Representatives.

6.1.2.      All member schools are expected to have at least one representative at all LESAA Annual General Meetings.

6.2.    Special meetings may be called at the discretion of a member of the executive or the coordinator.


6.3.   Voting:

6.3.1.      Constitutional issues shall be decided on the basis of one vote per member school.

6.4.   Agenda:

6.4.1.      Proposed topics for discussion shall be sent to the Coordinator two weeks before the AGM.

6.4.2.      LESAA General Meeting.
      The Agenda format shall be:
                1.         Call to Order

            2.         Attendance

            3.         Adoption of Agenda

            4.         Adoption of Minutes

            5.         Business arising form Minutes

            6.         Reports:-

                        1. Principal’s Report

                        2. Executive Report

                        3. Coordinator Report

            7.         Information Items

            8.         Correspondence.         

            9.         New business

        10.           Adjournment

7.      Amendments to Constitution (except by by-law)

7.1.    In case of emergency, changes to the Constitution may be made if all LESAA members agree.

7.2.     Temporary amendments must be passed by a majority of member schools at the AGM to become permanent.

7.3.     All amendments become effective immediately.

7.4.   The Constitution:

7.4.1.      This Constitution shall be reviewed, revised and reprinted as deemed necessary by the membership or at least every five (5) years.

7.4.2.       The Executive of LESAA shall initiate the five year revision.


8.1.   Eligibility of Coaches

8.1.1.      The coach and/or staff advisor (other than student assistants) of an activity sponsored by LESAA shall be a member of the school staff concerned.

8.1.2.       The Association is opposed to the principle of using (employing) outside coaches to handle school teams. Every effort should be made to use (employ) the services of suitable teachers for this purpose. Approval of non-teacher coaches shall be left to the discretion of the Principal concerned.

8.1.3.      A school member must be present to supervise at the activity with their team/athletes.

8.2.    Eligibility of players:

8.2.1.      All students must be enrolled in a LDSB school to be eligible to compete in LESAA sponsored events. Exception may be made under section 3.2

8.2.2.      A player who is under suspension is ineligible to participate in LESAA sponsored events.

8.2.3.      Ejection from competition: See Appendix 3

9.      Protests

9.1.    All protests must be made to the convener immediately following the incident by the coach. The convener’s decision will be final.

9.2.    Grounds for protest

9.2.1.      Violations of the constitution

9.2.2.       Violations of general and specific rules for the sport

9.2.3.       Violations of playing regulations approved by LESAA



    By Law 1
The LESAA Executive may make, amend, or repeal By-Laws as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Association.

By Law 2 LESAA Sponsored activities This association shall sponsor championships in the following activities:

2.1.   Cross Country:

·        Regional Meets

·        Will be held the week prior to Thanksgiving

·        Regions will be set and posted on the web site

·        Changes to a division submitted to the executive and approved by the executive

·        LESAA Championship Meet

·        Will be held the in the week after Thanksgiving

·        To qualify for this meet a competitor must have:

·        Finished in the top 30 runners in their regional meet

·        Be a member of one of the top 3 teams in their regional meet (will be eligible only if the team competes)

2.2.   Basketball

·   Basketball Divisional championships last 2 weeks in February and first 3 weeks of March

·    Divisions are set according to the male intermediate population of the school for the boys ' divisions and the female intermediate population of the school for the girls' divisions - the smallest eight school will be in division 6, the next 8 smallest will be in division 5, an so on. It is expected that division 1 may have less than eight school.

·   Schools which request to move down a division will not be eligible for the playoffs in that division

·   Changes in divisions must be approved by the executive

2.3.   Track and Field

·        Divisional Meets

o       last two weeks of May and the first 2 weeks of June

o       divisions have been set and posted on the web site

o       divisions do not change from year to year

o       changes to a division must be approved by the executive

·        LESAA Championship Meet

o       around the middle of June (usually the Tuesday after the divisional meets)

o       the top 4 competitors in each individual event and the top 2 relay teams from each division qualify for the championship meet

3.4.   Volleyball

·        Divisional championships will be held the last week in November and first week of December

·    Divisions are set according to the male intermediate population of the school for the boys ' divisions and the female intermediate population of the school for the girls' divisions - the smallest eight school will be in division 6, the next 8 smallest will be in division 5, an so on. It is expected that division 1 may have less than eight school.

·   Schools which request to move down a division will not be eligible for the playoffs in that division

·        Changes in divisions must be approved by the executive

4.5.  Ultimate Frisbee

·        To be held in the first Tuesday after Victoria Day in May. Should the city keep the field closed because of wet conditions, the event will be held on Monday of the third week in June.

·        To enter this tournament contact the athletic director


By-Law 3Approval of an activity as a LESAA sponsored event

3.1.  The following steps must be taken to have an activity become a LESAA sponsored event.

3.2.  A written proposal must be sent to the coordinator for inclusion at the AGM

3.3.  The proposal will be presented to the Annual General meeting for discussion and a vote will be taken.

3.4.  If approved at the AGM, the proposal will be sent to the principal’s representative by the coordinator and will be presented at a principal’s meeting.

3.5.   If approved by the principals, the proposal will be sent to the Board Superintendent/Supervisor for board approval.

3.6.  If approved, the event will become a LESAA sponsored event.

By-Law 4 Conveners

4.1.  A convener shall be appointed by the Coordinator in conjunction with the Athletic Director of the event for each LESAA sponsored activity.

4.2.  Duties of convener:

4.2.1.        Provide all materials necessary to run the event.

4.2.2.        Collect entry fees and submit them to the coordinator.

4.2.3.        In case of emergency, make necessary changes to the schedule.

4.2.4.        Make final decision regarding protests and disciplinary action.

4.2.5.         Oversee all issues pertaining to the event.

4.2.6.        Report results to the convener.

By-Law 5 - Committees

5.1.  Committees may be appointed at the discretion of executive of the Association.

5.2.  Decisions of all committees must be submitted to the executive for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


By-Law 6- Medals and Records

6.1.  Medals for all events will be ordered by the coordinator.

6.2.  Fifteen (15) medals will be awarded for volleyball and basketball for champions and finalists.

6.3.  Medals will be awarded to the top three boys and girls in each age division in track and field as well as ribbons for 1st through 8th in each final event.

6.4.  Cross Country medals will be presented to the top 3 finishers in each race, the top 3 teams and ribbons will be presented to 4th through 8th place.

6.5.  Ultimate medals (18) will be presented to the top two teams in each division. Medals (18) will also be awarded to the team in each division that best demonstrates Spirit of the Game.

6.6.  Extra medals can be provided by the coordinator.

6.7.  Records and results will be kept by the coordinator and posted on the web site.

By-Law 7— Playing regulations

7.1.  Divisions:

7.1.1.  Setting schools into divisions for various events are the responsibility of the Athletic Director for that event. Recommendations for changes will be made in writing to the executive by the Athletic Director and approved at the AGM for changes to take place.

7.2.  Updated sport guidelines should be given to the LESAA Executive by the convener and/or Athletic Director of the event.

7.3.  Sport guidelines will be posted on the LESAA web site by the coordinator.

7.4.  Any possible changes to sport guidelines should be recommended at the end of a sporting season and be submitted to the Executive, Coordinator and the Athletic Directors to be discussed at the next General Meeting for ratification.

7.5.  Violations of the sports guidelines should be dealt with by the convener.

7.6.  Any motion voted on and passed at the Annual General Meeting must remain in effect for one year unless it is felt by the executive that there is sufficient justification to warrant re-opening of a motion for discussion and possible changes.

By-Law 8— Playoffs

8.1.  In basketball and volleyball:

8.1.1.        In divisions 1,2 & 3— the teams will play down to end of semi-finals on the date of the tournament. Winners of the boys and girls semi-finals will meet in championship games to take place in the evening on a predetermined date.

8.1.2.        In division 4,5 & 6— the teams will complete play on the day of the tournament.

8.1.3.        Tie breaking procedures will be posted on the web site.

By-Law 9- Entry Fees

9.1.  Changes to entry fees will be made by the coordinator and reported to the Association at the Annual General Meeting for the following year.

9.2.  Payment of entry fees are the responsibility of the school.

By-Law 10— Concessions

10.1.  Concessions will be set up and run by the convener.

10.2.  Concession financial reports are to be included with the financial report at the LESAA Annual General Meeting (Sept) by the Coordinate or his/her designate.

BY-LAW 11- Violations of Coaching Ethics

11.1.    If any infraction by a coach has a bearing on an event outcome and the Activity Convener is notified, the Convener will take appropriate action.

11.2.    See (Appendix 2) for LESAA Code of Behavior.

11.2.1.    Procedure:    Step 1: - A coach might report an alleged indiscretion to their Principal if a charge is considered serious. A written report will be presented by the coach to the principal, activity convener and the president.    If substantiated, the principal of the offending school will take appropriate measure to ensure that the occurrence will not be repeated.



Appendix 1:  LESAA Executive.htm

APPENDIX 2: Code of Behavior

1)   Coaches/Staff Advisors should:

a)   Inform their athletes of proper conduct required of them while involved in their activity.    

b)   Supervise their athletes for the entire period which they are absent from school.

c)   Hold the safety and welfare of their athletes uppermost in their mind.

d)   Ensure that injured athletes obtain medical attention as soon as possible after being injured.

e)   Not make demands on their athletes that will interfere with their athlete’s opportunities for achieving academic success.

f)    Never place the value of a win above that of instilling the highest desirable ideals and character traits of their athletes.

g)   Ensure that their athletes are acquainted thoroughly with the rules and spirit of their activity.

h)   Not seek to gain an advantage by the circumvention or disregard of the regulations governing their activity.

i)    Not permit, encourage or condone performance which is dangerous to an opponent by legal or illegal tactics.

j)    Respect and support administrators, coaches, athletes and officials of the activity.

k)   Not themselves nor allow their coaches, athletes to address uncomplimentary remarks to officials, opponents or spectators.


APPENDIX 3 Ejections

1.      Ejections of Players:

a.       Players ejected from LESAA sanctioned competitions for malicious and/or un­sportsmanlike behavior will be ineligible for future competition until the Convener reviews the situation and determines whether further sanctions are warranted. The minimum sanction for ejections of this nature normally will be a one game suspension. A second ejection of this nature will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season, including playoffs. Malicious and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour which may warrant an ejection may include but are not limited to:

                                                   i.      Attempt to injure an opponent.

                                                 ii.      “Trash Talk” including racial and ethnic slurs.

                                                iii.      Fighting.

                                               iv.      Abusive Language - swearing, name calling.

                                                 v.      Intimidation Tactics - finger pointing, gestures.

2.      The Convener will:

a.       Make LESAA Incident Reports available at the scorer’s table for all LESAA games and/or events.

b.      Ensure that an Incident Report is filled out and sent to the Coordinator.

c.       Make the Athletic Director aware of the incident as soon as possible.

d.      Make the Principals of the schools aware of the incident as soon as possible by phone.

3.      The Sport Convener will:

a.       Gather all pertinent information and make a ruling as to what sanctions, if any, will apply other than the one-game automatic suspension.

b.      Must make every attempt to make their ruling regarding sanctions before the suspended player’s next scheduled game, and inform all parties involved.

4.      Appeals:

a.       Players, parents, or coaches wishing to appeal sanctions resulting from an ejection may do so, in writing, to the principal of the school involved and this should be directed to the Principals’ Representative and the coordinator. All such appeals require the signature of the school’s principal.

5.      Ejections of Coaches:

a.       Coaches ejected from LESAA sanctioned competitions must leave the playing area immediately for at least the remainder of the contest or event.

b.      Another teaching staff member must be available to take over the coaching duties.

c.       When a suitable coach or staff advisor is not available, the contest shall be forfeited.

d.      The official (s) in charge must complete an Incident Report (see appendix 4) and file it with the sport convener immediately following the contest.

e.       It is strongly recommended that the sport convener contact the coach’s principal and suggest that a meeting be arranged involving the coach, the athletic director and the principal, as soon as possible following the incident.


Appendix 4: Incident Report


Sanctioned Competition Incident Report


Competition:                                                              Date:




Division: (circle) 1     2          3          4          5          6          Boys   Girls    Coed             


Incident                                 School                       Player                        Coach


1.___________________              _________                ____________         __________


2.___________________              _________                ____________         __________


3.___________________              _________                ____________         __________


Official’s Comments:








Signature: __________________________                   Phone No: _________________


Athletic Director/Principal’s Comments:








Signature: ___________________                       Phone No:___________________


This form must be completed by the principal of the home school and forwarded immediately to:

Darrell Scott - 613-214-9582 (voice or text)

E-mail: scottda@limestone.on.ca

The following incidents are to be reported:

Basketball ..................... unsportsmanlike play or conduct, flagrant fouls, ejections

Volleyball....................... unsportsmanlike play or conduct, red cards, ejections

Other............................. any incident of an unsportsmanlike or malicious nature,  including “trash talk”.