The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the
 inter-school sports programs in the Limestone   District School Board. This  page is intended
to make available to all elementary schools in the Limestone District information pertaining to
 all  inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure
 of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.   Meet and tournament information, rules and
 regulations regarding the various events,  dates for events, news updates, district tournaments
 (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
 for all sports will be available through this page.



Meeting Minutes



Cross Country


Junior Basketball

Track & Field

Ultimate Frisbee



Other Links:



Kingston Track & Field Club

Pegasus Volleyball




Concussion Protocol:

  1. Limestone District School Board Concussion Protocol
  2. C1- Concussion Management Procedures: Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity
  3. C2-Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion
  4. C3- Documentation of Medical Examination
  5. C4-Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan
  6. C-5 Sample Concussion Prevention Strategies
  7. C6- RETURN TO LEARN Accommodations and Strategies for the Classroom Teacher
  8. C7- Script for School Contact to Parents when a Concussion has been diagnosed






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