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Discover Social Media and Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship is an important element of successful integration of educational technology in the classroom. Explicit modelling and teaching of proper online use, including cyber safety, cyber security and cyber etiquette will help lead our students to be positive and productive citizens in an ever-changing digital society.

Harnessing the power of social media allows classrooms to collaborate and communicate with peers, experts, and organizations. When used appropriately for learning purposes, social media is a platform for communication, social change, activism, global connections and self-directed learning.

Understanding the effective and positive uses of communication and collaboration through social media will support students in learning throughout their lives. Competencies for social media and digital citizenship can be classified according to three main principles: Use,Understand and Create.

Use: Includes basic technical skills and fluency associated with social media.

AP - 145
Computer Use

OSAPAC Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship OLA Presentation
Parent Cyber Safety Tips
20150915_101453_5.pngTwitter Workshop for Principals
20150915_105514_0.pngEducators Cyber Safety Tips
LDSB Response Assessment Guide

Understand: Includes examples that help us to understand the framework of digital citizenship and how to incorporate this into classroom activities. Social media gives opportunities for students to critically view media and be prepared to be engaged digital citizens who contribute to their communities in a positive way.

20150915_20334_1.pngPermission Form - Child Info On
Social Media
20150915_101723_8.pngBefore You Blank, Think
20150915_101453_5.pngSigning Up With Twitter
20150915_101453_5.pngTwitter Sign Up - Parent's Resource

Create: Includes creative uses and examples of social media that effectively express and communicate messages for learning, advocacy, activism or peer support.


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