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Office 365 - Add, edit, and subscribe to Group calendar events

School-based Staff Collaboration Groups have now been created to replace the school FirstClass conferences. Your school's Staff Collaboration Group Calendar is accessible to all staff within your location and it also allows anyone on staff to add an event. Group member can see the meeting invitations and other events in the Group calendar. You can Subscribe to the Group calendar so that all Group events automatically appear on your personal calendar, including when the Group itself is invited to a meeting. You can also overlay your personal calendar with a Group calendar to see how schedules align. Similarly, if you belong to more than one Group, it is easy to view each Group calendar side-by-side. For more information on using more than one calendar, see Working with multiple calendars and View multiple calendars at the same time (in Outlook).

Outlook on the Web - Group Calendar
Outlook Desktop App 2016 - Group Calendar
Note: If you are using Office 2013 please add a help desk ticket to get upgraded to Office 2016.
In this article

In this article

Favorite a group calendar
  • Open Outlook 2016
  • Locate Groups in the left navigation pane.
  • Click the arrow to the left of Groups to view all your Groups.
  • Right-Click on your Group and choose Add to Favorites.

  • Click Calendar from the bottom ribbon.

  • Now you can view or add events to your Group Calendar.

Add an event created by another member to your personal calendar
  • Open Outlook 2016

  • Open the Group calendar. Right-click or the event and choose "Add to My Calendar".

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