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8132015_54604_0.pngOutlook on the Web (Internet Browser)
Getting to Office 365 using an Internet browser is easy!
  • Open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.
  • Go to Office 365 at to access Outlook on the Web.
  • Sign in using your LDSB-ID Active Directory credentials.
  • Email address: LDSB-ID ( is not required)
  • Password is the same one you use to log into computers at your school. Also, to sign in to the following websites if you use them: Helpdesk, PdPlace, IEPWriter, BringIT, Trillium, Webdocs

Important: If at any time, you are at a Microsoft Office 365 website (logo) like this,
  • simply type in: ( is required if you are accessing O365 from a Microsoft website) and you will be re-directed to MyO365 website.

Once you have signed in, the first thing you see is the office 365 home page. From here you can start working in any office 365 applications. For example, outlook email, calendar and documents.

The home page also provides direct download-links to install the Office applications. Do not install Office 365 on board-owned devices - this is only for personal owned devices.

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