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Outlook on the Web

Sign in to Outlook on the Web and click Mail

Your Inbox.
1.      New email - Create a new email by selecting Add New email.

2.      Folders pane - Includes a list of folders in your mailbox. Collapse the pane by selecting Folders at the top of the list. Expand and collapse folders in this view by selecting the triangle Collapse folder next to the folder names. Add folders by selecting Add folder next to the top-level folder, or right-click an existing folder and select Create new folder.
Major components of Mail

3.      Search window -Type the name of a person to locate a contact or emails from that contact, or type text that you want to search for to find a particular message, and then select Search.

4.      Inbox list - Displays how many messages there are in a conversation and how many are unread, or if there is an attachment, flag, or category associated with the messages. Select All in the upper right of the list to filter, sort, or choose how to view your emails (as messages or conversations).

5.      Reading pane - Displays messages or conversations that you select in the folders pane. Respond to any message in the conversation by selecting it and then selecting 11302015_43344_1.png. Print an email here by selecting the Reply all menu and then selecting Print.

Print email

Use the command bar above the reading pane to perform common email actions such as deleting, archiving, categorizing, or moving emails.

Mail command bar

What do you want to do?
In Outlook on the web
Create, reply, or forward email
Send out-of-office replies automatically
Add an email signature
Import email accounts
Not available
Send a read receipt
Not available
Attach files
Set email display settings

How do I turn off Conversation view?
Filter junk email and spam
Set inbox rules for new messages

Organize your inbox by using Sweep, Move to, and Rules
Restore deleted email messages
Insert a table

Recall a message
Not available
Use Outlook on the web offline
Use voting buttons
Not available
Set up email on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Set up email on an Android phone or tablet
Set up email on a Windows phone
Set up email on a  Blackberry
For more detailed information about working with email in Outlook on the web, go to Using Email in Outlook on the web.

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