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Office 365 on Windows Devices

Before you Begin!
The type of email account you want to set up is:  Exchange-based (NOT
  • Exchange Server: is AutoDiscover - No information is required!
However, if asked for server info enter:
  • It is recommended that you configure your mobile device to use the built-in iOS mail/calendar app
  • Email address:
  • Password is the same one you use to log into computers at your school. Also, to sign in to the following websites if you use them: Helpdesk, PdPlace, IEPWriter, BringIT wireless network, Trillium, Webdocs, and Google.
The Office 365 subscription plan is Education plan - Office 365 Education E1 and Apps for Office 365 for business (Microsoft Office ProPlus).

Set up Office 365 Apps for Business - Microsoft Office ProPlus
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Use the built-in mail/calendar app

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For Business
for Business
(formerly Lync)

Use the built-in mail/calendar app

From the Home screen, tap the right arrow or swipe to the right, and d tap Settings.
Tap add an account.

Tap Exchange if using Windows Phone version 8.1

Enter your account credentials

Tap sign in.

It will notify you with, "We're looking for your settings." After a few moments, it will return you to the email plus account page. Your account will be listed and should be syncing with your account.

Once the email account is no longer greyed out (syncing), click on the account. One the accounts settings screen, enter a preferred name within the "Account name" field - we recommend 'Office 365 Outlook'. Make any additional changes and tap the check mark.

Return to your home screen and scroll down to the very bottom. You should see a new square indicating your new email account. Tap on this square/tile to view your email.

Note: Another Method to install the apps is directly from your Office 365 account. From you device/tablet just sign in at using your LDSB-ID Active Directory credentials.  

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