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Office 365 - What are the differences between Outlook Desktop Client and Outlook on the Web?

There are two main ways to access your email/calendar with Office 365, Outlook Desktop App and Outlook Web App. So how do you decide which to use? Outlook is the desktop client that has the most features, which may come in useful. However, for many, the web-based Outlook Web App may meet all of their email and calendar needs. If you can't decide choose Outlook on the Web (Internet browsers)!

09072015_11518_0.pngOutlook Desktop Clients (Win & Mac) - that has the most features (for staff with a dedicated computer).
owa.gifOutlook on the Web - is browser-based
Use it if
  • You're on a machine only you will be using.
  • You need to see mail from multiple accounts all in one place.
  • You manage someone else’s inbox.
  • You want complete offline access.
  • Groups are inaccessible from the Outlook Desktop App until version 2016 is released!
Use it if
  • You want to view/use groups.
  • You need a quick and easy way to do your email, calendar, and contacts from any web-enabled device, including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • You’re using someone else’s computer.
  • You want immediate access to the latest features.
  • You want to subscribe to and use groups in Office 365.
Runs on
Runs on
  • Mobile Device. It is recommended that you configure your mobile device to use the internal mail/calendar application.
How to get it

Note: if you already have office 2013 installed on your personal device, you do not need to remove it to install Office 365 ProPlus from the myo365 website.

  • Students and staff with valid LDSB email address can download, install, and use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus applications on up to five machines (either PC or Mac), free of charge. Do not install this on board-owned devices - this is only for personal owned devices.
  • If you require Outlook Desktop Application on a work machine used only by you, create a help desk ticket.
How to get it

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