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Transferring FirstClass Calendar to Office 365 Outlook Calendar

  • You must use a Windows computer (desktop/laptop) that has Outlook 2013 to import the calendar that was exported from FirstClass. This procedure cannot be accomplished by accessing (Outlook Web App).
  • Due to some shortcomings in Outlook 2011 for MacIntosh, even if your Mac has Outlook 2011 on it, you must use a Windows computer with Outlook 2013 and FirstClass in order to transfer your calendar.
  • FirstClass only exports the first entry in the series of recurring events. Only the first event in the series will be imported into your O365 calendar.  This means that you will need to manually recreate the recurrences (daily, monthly, etc.) and resend invitations to the list of attendees (if any).
  • Remove all punched through calendars. A Punch-through calendar, is an overlay calendar.
Step 1: Identify Recurring Calendar Entries in FirstClass
  • From within FirstClass, open your calendar.  Click on View > View by List.
  • If a meeting is recurring, you will be able to see this in the Repeat Interval column.  If there is anything other than 'None' in this column, only the first event will export.

Step 2: Identify and remove all punched through calendars
  • From within FirstClass, click on View > Show Today List.
  • Click the Calendar tab and Remove the check mark from all pushed through calendars. Now you are ready to export.

Step 3: Export
The export does not remove or alter any events/meetings on your FirstClass calendar.
  • From within FirstClass, open your calendar.  
  • Choose File > Export.
  • Under Export Calendar, select on iCalendar (.ics), and click OK.        
  • Select the location where you want the file to be saved and click Save. The transfer window will appear.

Step 4: Import to O365 Outlook Calendar

  • Launch Outlook 2013 from a computer (desktop/ laptop) not from a web browser.
  • Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export.  This starts the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) and then click Next.

  • Browse to the .ics file you want to import (created in Step 3) and click Ok.
  • Select if you wish to Open as New calendar or Import the entries into your current Outlook calendar.  Import would be the normal selection, unless you are creating a new calendar.     
A box will open up showing you the progress of your import.  When it is complete, you will see your calendar with the new entries added.  If you chose a new calendar, you will see all your calendars side by side. Each calendar is a different colour to allow you to distinguish between them.

Note: Your OWA calendar does not display the events after the import. To get around this, add a new event or edit an event on the Outlook 2013 calendar.

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