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Office 365 - Migration Checklist

Starting July 20th we no longer use you must: was only a temporary email address so you can experiment with/learn Office 365 before July 20th.

Your Email Address and Login Credentials
Your LDSB-ID email address:

With the transition to our new email system (Office 365) completed, ITS can no longer change your LDSB-ID email address.  Once you have your Active Directory LDSB-ID it cannot be easily renamed. Your current email address will remain, regardless whether your circumstances change in the future, i.e., married, divorced, etc.  

Your password is the same one you use to log into computers at your school. Also, to sign in to the following websites if you use them: Helpdesk, PdPlace, IEPWriter, BringIT wireless network, Trillium, Webdocs, and Google.

Your Display Name
Our Office 365 and Active Directory information is provided to us from our HR Data System, which stores legal names. If you would like to change the appearance of your name, you must first contact Human Resources and request your Preferred Name be changed. Setting your Preferred Name will help to ensure that your name is displayed properly in Office 365. For example, If your name appears as T. Margaret Christopher or Margaret Christopher and you would like it to appear as Maggie Christopher.

School administration and/or office managers can begin to use Groups and add the staff to these in preparation for September. All staff can begin to use these Groups for communication, once they are added to the group membership.

Add your signature
  • If you add a signature to the end of your emails, you will need to re-create your signature in Office 365. If you use more than one client -- for example, Outlook on the Web and Outlook Desktop App -- you will need to add your signature in each client.

Add an automatic reply

Create a folder structure

Create rules to help organize your mail
  • Have you been using rules to automatically move certain types of emails into folders?
  • You can use Outlook on the Web or Outlook Desktop App Watch online .

Forward FirstClass emails to Office 365
  • Existing mail will remain available to all users within FirstClass while it continues to be used for websites.

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