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Meeting Request, Schedule Resources, or Add a Room using Outlook Desktop App

Step 1
Create a Meeting
  • In the Meeting window:
  • Add a subject for the meeting.
  • Select a start and end time/date. This step must be completed before you proceed to add room and/or resource
  • Do not type a Location, click the Rooms... button to choose from available recourses - see step 2..

Step 2
Booking a Room and/or Resources
Note: you need to include the meeting room itself and/or resource in the list of recipients for the meeting. You receive notification in your inbox when the room and/or resource accepts or declines your meeting time.

  • After you have entered start and end time/date, click on Scheduling Assitannt.
  • The Scheduling Assistant view appears. You will see your name and schedule in the top row.

Note: On the right-hand side, you will see the Suggested Times list. As you add attendees to your meeting, this list will adjust to provide possible meeting times when all required attendees and/or locations are available. The times correspond to the date and meeting duration you have currently selected (more information on this can be found below).

Click Add Attendees or Click here to add a name,

Every time you add a person's name, you will be able to see when they are busy, tentative, out of office, working elsewhere, no information, and outside of working hours.

The time is marked as busy.
Blue and White Striped:
This time is scheduled with tentative appointments.
Out of Office
This time is marked as out of office.
Working Elsewhere
Black and White dotted background.
No Information
Black and White Striped:
Outlook has no information for this time (the user may not be an Outlook/Exchange user, or does not have an Outlook Calendar set up).
Outside of working hours

6.      Each person you add will automatically be added as Required. To changed them to optional or a resource, click the arrow to the right of the icon6122015_110426_1.pngnext to the attendee's name, and select the desired classification.

o.jpgOrganizer: This is the creator of the meeting; it will by default appear to the left of your name (and will not be an option for other attendees). This position is regarded as necessary by the Suggested Times list.

Outlook_RequiredAttendee.jpgRequired Attendee: Invitees to be regarded as necessary by the Suggested Times list. Invitees are by default listed as required.

i.jpgOptional Attendee: Invitees for whom attendance is optional; separated from Required Attendees in the Suggested Times list.

rr.jpgResource: This label marks rooms or equipment added to the meeting, and is regarded as necessary by the Suggested Times list

Click Add a Rooms... click on as many room and/or resources to view the availivity.

In the All Attendees list choose (place a check mark) on room and/or resources available.

10.     Click Appointment 2015-06-12_12-27-59.pngin the Meeting tab at the top of the screen. This will return you to the Appointment screen. You will see the details for the date and time you selected. Add a subject and location in the appropriate text boxes. If desired, enter text to appear in the body of the message.

11.     Click Send.

  • _________________
  • If you do not see a list of recourses for your location, click on Show a room list and select your location.

  •         If the selected resource is available, it will display in the Choose an availble room list. If the selected resource is already booked, it will not appear in the list, and is unavailable.  

  •         Click on the resource you want and it will populate in location
Using the Room Finder simplifies the process of searching for an available room and/or resources. The Room Finder has a drop down menu to “Show a room list” and suggested times.

When you open a new meeting and/or appointment form, the Room Finder is displayed on the right side of the form.
Where is the Room Finder button?


If the Room Finder pane doesn’t appear, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group (beside the recurrence button), click Room Finder.

How to use the Room Finder

open a new meeting and/or appointment form,
  1. The Room Finder pane contains suggested times for the best time for your meeting (when most attendees are available). To select a meeting time, click a time suggestion in the Room Finder pane in the Suggested times section, or pick a time on the free/busy grid.
Suggested times pane for a meeting request

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