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ITS Update for November 2015
I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on a few of the current ITS Projects. Please feel free to share these updates with all staff.

ITS Support Desk
As shared with all users in August, there is now a direct support line to the ITS Help Desk (Extension 395). If you are having problems logging in to your computer, or accessing your Office 365 email, please call this line and a support person will assist you ASAP. Schools may also use this line to report urgent and significant issues (i.e. school network is down).

myITS Web Site
We continue to update the MYITS website. Recently we have added a page for support for saving, sharing, printing, and all those other basic tasks that educators need for supporting students. There are lots of short videos here to help you get your work done. Go to “Resources” and “Access, Share, Save, Publish”. If there are supports that you feel need to be added to the site, email Gary Greer.
This site is available to all LDSB staff and students at (and directly as a link from the Board's Home Page).~ This is a one-stop shop for all things ITS, and includes a link to our Departmental Twitter feed, videos, news updates, ITS Services, BringIT Information and Office 365 resources.~ Check it out!

Apple and release of iOS 9 (New Version of the Operating System)
Apple released a new version of the operating system (iOS) for iPads and iPhones in September. This new release provides significant changes to how iOS works and also provided new features to support management of these devices. At this point, our Device Management software is not yet taking advantage of these enhancements, so we are therefore not making any changes to device management in the short term. We are now releasing new iPads to the system, as we are able to configure and deploy. We will take advantage of any new management enhancements once they are released by our provider.

Microsoft Office (Home Use / iPad Use)
Just a reminder to share with all staff and students. With our renewed Microsoft Licensing, all staff and students now have access to current versions of Microsoft Office (Office 2016) to install on up to 5 personal devices. To install Office, simply login to Office 365 on the web (, and click on the INSTALL NOW button.~ For iPad users, you can download Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive (for Business) and OneNote from the App store.~ You will need to authenticate to Office 365 to activate these apps, using your LDSB-ID user id and password.~ These are available in the~ LDSB App Store.~ Please do not click on "install now" to install Office on~ board-owned devices - this is only for your personal computers at home. Please enter a Heat Ticket if the current version of Office is not installed on a board-owned computer.

BringIT Printing Service
BringIT printing is available for iPads, ChromeBooks, personal Windows laptops and personal Mac laptops in most schools now. The instructions are on the MYITS website, and need to be followed for each particular device. An online software service called PaperCut supports printing from these devices that are not logged into Active Directory. If the service is not available in your school, contact Gary Greer.

Personal Printers
ITS does not support personal printers. Any printers purchased by the Board / School must be networked. Staff who wish to purchase their own direct connected printers (normally through USB connection) will need to be able support their own use. ITS is dedicated to supporting printing to networked devices and the school photocopiers.

Groups in Office 365
ITS has created many groups and distribution lists within Office 365. Please refer to myITS ( for further details on each of these features.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.