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LDSB Guide to PaperCut/BringIT Printing

What is BringIT Printing?
This is a service which supports printing on school printers from iPads, Chromebooks, personal Windows laptops and Mac laptops for LDSB Staff and students.

What is PaperCut?
PaperCut is the software that connects a user’s device to a BringIT printer in their school. It is designed to work for personal Windows laptops, Mac laptops, iPads, iPhones and Chromebooks. Using PaperCut, these devices can print to a BringIT printer once the user logs in using their LDSB UserID.  PaperCut is run automatically on LDSB laptops and desktops as they are connected to PaperCut already through Active Directory.

Why Has PaperCut Been Installed?
There are two reasons PaperCut has been installed. First, it supports printing from personal and non-Windows devices. Second it monitors all printing to help manage printing waste and printing costs.

Does PaperCut Track Everything a User Prints?
All printing through BringIT devices or LDSB devices logged onto Active Directory is tracked by PaperCut.

What is a BringIT Printer?
Any networked printer or photocopier in a school can be chosen as a BringIT printer. These printers are available for staff and/or students to print to from BringIT devices (personal laptops, iPads, iPhones and Chromebooks).

I Used to be Able to Print to A Printer Without PaperCut. Why Has That Changed?
Printing costs are a significant portion of any school budget. Aligning printers through PaperCut allows administration to monitor printing in their schools with the goal of minimizing waste.

Do Users Need to Download an App or Program?
As of December 2015, users do not have to download any program or app to use the PaperCut service. Users of iPhones and iPads may find it convenient to follow the prompt on their devices and download the PaperCut app, but it is not necessary. Windows and Mac laptop users are required to download the printer drivers by following the instructions on the myits website.

How Do Users View the Printer Choices?
Users will see the printers listed through their devices, once they have followed the instructions on the myits website. Click on the following link to view a complete list of printers at

What Makes a Good Choice for a BringIT Printer?
In terms of cost, photocopiers are the least expensive per page, while inkjet printers are the most expensive. Color printers should not be chosen as BringIT printers. Location is a key factor as well, as printers need to be available for the user. Choice will be affected by the size of the school, where larger schools may require multiple printers to be designated as BringIT printers. For staff, more than one location in the building may be critical.

How Are BringIT Printers Assigned in Schools?
The principal determines which printers will be designated as BringIT printers and limits for their school. These choices can be adjusted over time.

How Are BringIT Printers Set Up in Schools?
ITS can assign a networked printer/copier as a BringIT printer from their central location at the Education Centre. No school visit is needed.

Can a BringIT Printer Be Assigned to Only Staff or Students?
Yes, a BringIT printer/copier can be designated as only staff or only students.

Are We Being Charged for Printing?
At present (December 2015) there is no charge for printing. Most users will notice a negative balance when they log into PaperCut. PaperCut is used monitor printing for the school so that a report can be created for administration. Some school administrators have set limits on student printing, and these can be discussed within your school.

Are Reports Available for School Administration?
Yes, administrators can request weekly and monthly reports to monitor printing. These reports indicate usage by printer. More detailed reports by user are available on request. Administrators can request these reports through Terry Marshall at ITS.

Can Limits Be Set on the Number of Pages per User Type?
Yes, limits can be set for students or staff on the number of pages per semester/year. Also limits can be set on the number of pages per individual print job so that individuals accidently do not print large jobs. These limits are determined by the school administration.

Are There Other Options for PaperCut?
Yes, there are many options for managing printing through PaperCut that will be rolled out as the project progresses. Principals may discuss options with Terry Marshall at ITS.

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