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Discover Digital Literacy
Digitally literate learners are active thinkers and learners who are able to engage in society in effective and meaningful ways. Competencies for digital literacy can be classified according to three main principles: Use,Understand and Create.

Use: Includes basic technical skills and fluency along with  multimodal aspects of digital learning - search engines, web browsers, email, text, wikis, blogs, photo editing software, presentation slideshows, video creation/editing software etc. to showcase learning.  Refer to Learning through Technology resources for instructional videos and documents on basic technological skills.

Citing Social Media
Researching Images
Creative Commons Poster
Safe Search Engines
Creative Commons: Researching
Photos For Class: Researching
Safe Searching With KidRex
Google Safe
Search Kids

Understand: Includes skills that help us to comprehend, contextualize, and critically evaluate digital media. The goal is to have students find, evaluate and effectively use information to communicate, collaborate and solve problems.  Understanding  technology's impact on our behaviours and perceptions, beliefs and feelings about the world around us is a key outcome.

PARCA Evaluation Information

Create: Focus on the students' creative use of media to effectively express and communicate their message or learning. The end goal is to develop active thinkers and learners. These skills are needed for full participation in a digital society, but they are only part of a larger set of skills and competencies that are required.


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